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PLEASE NOTE: This course will close for new learner enrollment on January 22nd, 2021. If you would prefer to engage with our latest courses related to this material, please see the following courses: Contact Center AI: Conversational Design Fundamentals: Contact Center AI: Building a Dynamic Virtual Agent: The Contact Center AI: Conversational Design Fundamentals and Contact Center AI: Building a Dynamic Virtual Agent courses have similar learning objectives to the ones in the course being deprecated in this notice. They walk learners through the process of identifying a use case, creating intents and entities for conversational agents, and using context and fulfillment for conversation awareness and third party system integrations. Since many use cases for virtual agents happen in the context of contact centers, we invite you to extend your expertise by taking additional courses in the Contact Center AI Specialization, although this is not required if your interest is solely on building automated conversational agents. Thanks, and happy learning, The Google Cloud Learning Services team Course Description: This course provides a deep dive into how to create a chatbot using Dialogflow, augment it with Cloud Natural Language API, and operationalize it using Google Cloud tools. >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...

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24 avr. 2020

It was perfect.I really love it,its simplicity,easy understanding,you guys really made it easy.A big thank you to the Coursera Team, I'll look forward to doing more project with you guys.Thanks xoxo

30 août 2020

It was a great course, I learnt how to make a full fledged chat bot using Dialogflow. And having being made chatbot on Amazon Lex I really think Google's Dialogflow chatbot platform is miles ahead.

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par Yaron K

18 juil. 2020

There are multiple bugs in labs. The mentors send you to open bug reports in qwiklabs. Labs use a long list of GCP products but no explanation is actually given about how things work "under the hood" which means that or the "copy and paste" from the lab scripts works - or you are stuck.

par Yip T W

24 févr. 2020

Totally recommended! It teaches about how to create an agent(chatbots) with Dialogflow,using Natural Language API,intents,entities,contexts,fulfillments and also what to do to take chatbots into production,learns about webhook with basic authentication,custom UI and so on.The hands-on lab is interactive and leads to step-by-step instruction in Qwiklabs.

par Debarun P

1 juin 2020

'Fulfilment with Dialogflow' seems to monsterous task for a novice programmer like me, before i was introduced to the course. THis course hows you everything from the easy way and the professional way of fulfillment. With illustrative videos and a guided labs, Google made be learn fulfillemnt in a matter of minutes. Thank a lot !

par Frederic J

20 janv. 2020

Great introduction to Dialogflow and the labs are pertinent. I wouldn't have mind going at a slower pace and go a bit more into the details especially for week 2 as it's a bit confusing if you don't know the Google Cloud terminology. However, it's an excellent course overall.

par Jolene V

3 mai 2020

I am glad that this course comes with lab activities. This will be very important to my line of work as I currently work in an AI company and my general research interest is User Experience. This is a very good tool for both beginners and experienced devs alike.

par Vivek P K

31 mai 2020

Best course for the beginner willing to work in ChatBot or Conversational Experience development field. It covers all the aspects related to developing a conversational experience using Dialogflow, an easy to use and feature rich tool by Google.

par Angelique A

2 févr. 2021

very good course - even-though some commands are not very clear to those who didn't learn python yet :) so it makes it harder to create our own chatbot from scratch. But the course gives a very nice overview about some of the capabilities.

par mcvean s

1 mai 2020

It was such an amazing experience!!! This course is tailor-made for any individual who wishes to build/design their own conversational UI using Dialogflow. The practical labs offer an immersive teaching method and is very efficient too.

par Christoph P

13 févr. 2019

That was a really good online course. It taught real knowledge in a very effective way. Although I already did some things with Google Dialogflow, I learned a lot of new things and could intensify already existing knowledge. Thank you!

par Julio Q

27 janv. 2019

Good introductory course! I'd like to see in the future more regarding how to implement advanced slot filling features, how to deal with variations/possible permutations in order of parameters, and how to integrate with external api's

par Francisco R

30 déc. 2019

I loved it! Easy to follow, full hands-on. I liked the two use cases because of the variety of complexity. I would love to see more on DialogFlow and using, for example, hosting the webhook somewhere else rather than GCP and so on.

par Atharva C

3 sept. 2020

This course provides you every insight you need to develop a Chatbot using Dialogflow.All the teaching staff have immense knowledge about the topic . As you would expect it is a Google course so makes every sense signing up for!

par Andrea R

11 juin 2020

This was a very fun course, and I learned a lot about Dialogflow. I do think this course could've gone a bit more in depth on the code they provided, but I go the general idea of it. Still, I very much enjoyed it.

par Syed Z A B

8 nov. 2019

It's really an awesome learning opportunity with I secured a lot of knowledge, skills and practical hands on practice using "Google Cloud Platform" right here in Coursera courses. Thanks

par Jojo W

18 juil. 2019

Very useful to start learning it from a scratch to advanced level. Help me a lot for linking external knowledge base sources and publish a web chatbot on my website by using all Google platform.

par Sandeepa H B Y

25 mai 2020

Awesome course that throws more light into how ML can be utilised to perform a lot of actions and how a lot could be done using existing learnings instead of redoing them all the time.

par Heba A H A

3 juil. 2019

Thanks a lot for this course. I like everything especially the labs It's the most interesting part. I can not wait to start applying what I learn in this project to my final project!

par Sergey d J P C

24 sept. 2020

Excelente curso para aprender a utilizar la herramienta, salvo por un pequeño detalle que no te dicen al principio, de que deber tener conocimientos en python para algunos labs.

par Kevin K

2 juil. 2020

Es un curso bastante completo para personas que estén iniciando y que a la vez sepan de programación. ya que en la segunda semana, el curso se pone más técnico.

fue un buen reto.

par Vijender S

15 avr. 2020

This is very good coursera for a beginner and for a expert. Topic covered are from basic to advance. All features of dialogflow covered nicely with advance knowledge of GCP.

par Rohit R

1 mai 2020

This Course helped me to get familiar with Dialogflow with its exceptional video tutorials and informative graded assignments! Great Hands-On Experience for a beginner!

par Dhammika B M

21 juin 2020

This course helped me understand the platform better and labs gave a good understanding about how different GCP services can be used to create a useful chatbot.

par Sergio B S

25 mai 2020

Very practical. The week 1 seems to be very manual, but is just the beginning. At the second week it is obvious the great potential of this solution. Great!!


23 juin 2020

In this course you learn about Google Dialogflow . After this course I know how create chatbot and also many things .

I suggest you to enroll this course .

par Akila M

26 avr. 2020

All the instructions were clear and understandable. Learned a lot about dialogflow as well as backend programming with google console etc. Thanks Google!