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  • Dr. Tucker Balch

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    School of Interactive Computing
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Aide de la part de vos pairs

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Note moyenne 4.5 sur 5 sur 400 notes

This is a very nice, introductory course about software based investing. The programming part is not very demanding if you already know the basics of Python and libraries like NumPy and Pandas. Even if you don't know much about them, there is still enough time to catch up during the course. There are also some good pieces about stock trading (the more general contents are presented in the first two modules) and how stock markets work. The techniques shown to perform automatic trading are very basic –I assume this is to be completed by another course that will dig deeper into that topic.

All in all, I really recommend to take this course if you have some interests in stock markets and programming: you will have fun with it and lear something in the meantime.

Interesting and useful, with an accent on the practical exercises. It will test your Python programming skills, with application on the stock analysis and trading back-testing.

great introductory level course on using python to study stock.

I liked the course. I learned useful information from it. My only disappointmet was with qstk which might have some bugs when trying to run the event profiler