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This is a Chinese version of Competitive Strategy. You can find the original course in English from our course catalog. 此版本是Coursera首次尝试推出的中文翻译版。课程视频为英文原版附中文字幕,课程页面和测验已译成中文,帮助中心提供中文支持。 在本课程(共六个模块)中,你将了解企业在战略决策相互依存的情况下如何行事。例如,你的行动会如何影响竞争对手的利润,反之亦然。我们将会借助博弈论的基本工具分析企业如何选择策略以获得竞争优势。...

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26 août 2015

Very good course to introduce Game Theory and give lots of examples to make the complicate theory in simple way. Much enjoyed. Thanks.


14 déc. 2020

in this lecture, i learn about the basic of market entry strategy and how to maximize the profit in market 

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par Pengtao Z

7 sept. 2015

It's a great course, which gives us a basic understanding of competative strategdy.

par Mengshan C

8 nov. 2015

awesome!! the professor explained details very clearly. I have learned a lot

par Xuan Z

6 juin 2016

Good job! It's an interesting and easily understood course for people like me who hasn't learnt before the competition strategy. Just a suggestion, could you please change the translated quiz into the original english quiz? Maybe it would be better to fellow and solve the questions. Thanks.

par Wengsway

21 mai 2018

The teacher's explanation is very logical, and the content of the course is full and of moderate difficulty. By studying this course, you can have a holistic understanding of competitive strategy analysis.Very grateful to the professor for bringing us such a good course

par 谢怡彬

25 sept. 2015

step by step,i get to know what game theroy is.and combined with the knowledge i learn in my college ,i feel this course quite interesting。professor ‘s kind and does help us a lot.thx

par MengNan

17 août 2015

very good speech, vivid and interesting, the next time may be your gus can add some programming materials and homework to have a practise

par Xu M

26 août 2015

Very good course to introduce Game Theory and give lots of examples to make the complicate theory in simple way. Much enjoyed. Thanks.

par 彭程雨

17 sept. 2017




par 刘家瑞

8 sept. 2015

very good ,it's easy to learn and give me a chance to revise the course , and the quizes give the practice to be more efficent

par Emilyzhou

14 mars 2016

非常喜欢这门课,也喜欢授课教授: 言语不多但通过问题式教学和案例分析将难点解析得很清楚。


par Gyolgi H

21 août 2017

love the way professor lead me. easy to understand the core idea of these theories.

par Shell H

4 mars 2017

Lots of examples make the lectures interesting and easy to understand.

par 罗亚丽

3 mai 2018


par WZ

19 oct. 2018

Great course. Easy to understand and very practical.

par 吴文静

28 nov. 2015


par Allison, L

21 déc. 2015

Nice course.

But the Chinese translation is weird.

par 孙剑平

28 nov. 2015

从开始学习后间隔有段时间了,先终于完成,有收获,对Tobias Kretschmer教授印象颇深

par 东飞 魏

30 oct. 2017


par 伍锃杰

7 juil. 2017

Very good! The teacher is very humorous hahaha.

par 罗琛

16 mai 2017


par 庞晓琳

24 juin 2018


par john s

5 juil. 2016

very good.but translation has some errors.

par 余彦杰

27 juin 2017


par 柳晓鑫

13 mars 2017


par 李钰菡

21 août 2015

A wonderful course! So useful it is!