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The aim of the course is to provide you with a comprehensive framework for understanding both the traditional principles of management inside companies today as well as the alternative principles that are becoming increasingly important. It provides both theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in today’s organisations....

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28 mai 2016

I really enjoyed the course. Lots of information. The professor knows what he is talking about and he is very interesting to listen. Most of all, I enjoyed the case studies in the end of every module.

13 août 2020

It was a great course which help you to gain knowledge about how to run the company in a good manner and the readings are in a good quality as well as sir. julian birkinshaw was explaining so clearly

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7 févr. 2021



30 sept. 2020


par Subhra C

25 juil. 2020



6 mai 2020


par Juan S

11 avr. 2020


par MD A S

4 avr. 2020


par Tornike K

21 juin 2017


par Eka C

24 mai 2017


par luciayeung

18 nov. 2020


par May

17 nov. 2020



11 sept. 2020


par Mona A A

14 juin 2020


par Francisco J G I

19 avr. 2020


par Nikos K

11 avr. 2020


par Roberto L

16 mai 2018


par Sorana S

21 janv. 2021

The course was great and well explained. One thing I don't like is that peers have to review your course. I had the unfortunate luck where one peer that doesn't even know me to deliberately mark me down for my assignment rating me a 1 stating I made little effort when in fact I was quite prepared which was proved when others reviewed my assignment. I have tried to make a complaint but there is no contact or anywhere to do so. The online chat guy was of no help and kept telling me can't change my mark. My point wasn't about my mark but that I have been deliberately marked down to fail me and provided screen shot where most questions I got a mark of 3 each and the last one which is for the overall course mark gave me a 1. Mathematically it doesn't add up. Nothing I could do about than resubmit the assignment, however if the University embarks on such method to allow peers to grade then they are ultimately responsible and are required to ensure students are not targeted and maliciously marked down. other than that I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Sadly it was all gone down the wind by the malicious action of one peer.

par Miguel I

12 mai 2020

I have been working in leadership for +20 years and your thinking is that leadership cannot be learned if not by practice. However, when you come back to the classroom you realize about the importance of "zooming out" your experience, how you gain leverage when you contrast your day-to-day experience with "contemplating" the overall picture in an holistic way. Leadership is not about complex theories but about wait and reflect what is going on beyond your reality. To me, it has been a great opportunity to think relatively where I am relatively to the overall leadership management and where my Company is in this fantastic journey. Provided the current environment we are suffering (Covid-19 outbreak), this new challenge can be catalyzed as this view will be even more needed in the post-covid-19 "new normal"

par Paul V

13 juin 2017

Very interesting, it's highlight a lot of situations from our professional lives.

However, I had some reserves/doubts here and there. For instance I'm wondering how many companies mentioned as using a modern management (and used to be a startup) have actually thought to that kind of management. I'm not sure that they have really intellectualized that, they probably did it in a more natural way. I was working in a (used to be) startup and managers were researchers basically without any great competencies in management, so it was a no-management by default, with a lot of good things, but bad too.

par Rob H

6 juin 2020

This course was well-pitched, interesting and varied. Julian brings it nicely to life and has a passion for the subject matter. It would be good if it could be given a small makeover for a post-Covid19 world, as the original MOOC was created a few years ago now. Some of the examples of management practice have developed further since the course was written and that extra perspective would be valuable. However, I would thoroughly recommend this course as a stimulant to thinking about how to approach management. It is broken up into easily digestible chunks but covers much ground in doing so.

par Olivia D

18 mai 2020

While the concepts are not completely unknown (eg motivation etc), this course was holistically combined alot of various management concepts and provoked alot of thought regarding management in the future. Although, this course may not have been developed in 2019/2020, it is very relevant (even more so) today's world as many organizations are looking at alternative ways to manage teams and alternative management styles needed.

The lecturer is engaging, the material is easy to understand and he provides many examples to illustrate the concepts discussed.

Highly recommend!

par Henry T

29 avr. 2020

Prof Julian is knowledgeable, I gained a lot of insights on the drivers, the management models, as well as how we can adapt to be the company of the future. I like how Prof Julian provides all the example in case studies so that we can relate instead of just a bunch of theories. The only small improvement that can be done is on how the way the material is presented. Instead of the traditional "classroom style stand and talk" in the video, perhaps Prof Julian can get video editor to do post-editing to make it more interesting.

par Flavio L

18 nov. 2018

It's a new point of view about company's management. All material is clear and linked to the subject and Julian has a very straight to the point didactic approach. The single point I would recommend to improve is about the forums of discussion: A separation of the student's interventions by classes by period could be helpful to improve the interaction among ourselves. It happens sometimes to see posts from 1, 2 years or even older and no exchanges could be possible.

par Varun B

7 mai 2020

As a future Management student or a Manager it is necessary to know difference between Management and Leadership, also examples, that provide a great idea about implementation of various Management tools. This course covered what Management was, what Management is, and what Management will be in the future with detailed case studies of various companies. Overall a very helpful course to those who wants to learn Basic and Innovative Management principles.

par Prompiriya P

30 mai 2020

Professor delivers with high quality performance. Lessons are well-thought and in depth with a lot of interesting examples. The worst aspect of this course is the peer-review final assignment. I had to wait for days for results to come up as "failed" (with scores getting so close to passing) when I put all my effort to answer correctly, following the question prompts. I have to resubmit so many times with this poor peer-review system.

par Livio G

24 févr. 2021

It was a really nice course, well explained and very interesting. Professor Birkinshaw is well known for his managerial knowledge and he shares it with you during the course, clear and concise. The final assignmen was also interesting. However, you have to wait some days that your colleagues correct it and someone of them doesn't look relly appropriate to do that. But in my opinion this course is strongly recommended.