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This course is geared towards starting undergraduate students. A solid background in biology will be helpful but not absolutely essential. The material will be of interest to those who are pursuing a career in any of the life sciences as well as anyone who has run up against their biological clock....

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13 juil. 2021

Fanatastic course. Dr. Till and Dr. Martha were excellent in explaining in details. I learned a lot about circadian clocks, it will be very much helpful for my academics.


2 déc. 2020

Exceptional course. I would recommend this course for those who will start their journey to unravel the circadian rhythm in all levels, from molecular to public health.

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par PC

13 mars 2019

A very fruitful course that gives a wide coverage on the interactions between clock rhythm and various life forms (bacteria, plants, mammals etc.), historical experiments, and useful research tools. An eye opener on the complex feedback dynamics from RNA, to proteins, to hormons. In particular, the clock in a tube experiment is fascinating. The lectures and the warp-up sessions are delivered with great enthusiasm and clarity. Recommended.

par Soha A H H

25 oct. 2019

The course is very organized and interesting. I learned a lot about the basics of circadian rhythm, It is very useful for the beginners and for all biological fields.

par Ekaterina R

25 nov. 2019

I liked the course. It enabled me to understand circadian clocks in depth. However, some parts were rather difficult to comprehend (especially part 3). I don`t have background in biology and so I struggled with part 3 enormously. Parts 5 and 6 were the most relevant and interesting for me.

par Claudia L

28 août 2019

This course was difficult stuff for me, since I'm a retired accounting person.

But finally they kept me interested, because the topic itself is highly fascinating and the teacher's are nice and famous experts.

By the way, all the technical terms were a challenge for my English knowledge.

par Ramesh V

15 août 2020

sorry to tell that i feel there is too much mathematics information in the course

par Roberto B

1 févr. 2019

I learned a lot from this course and I'm glad I took it. Since I don't have a science background, I had to struggle with some of the terminology and concepts in weeks two and three. Actually, it was more technical than I had anticipated, and if I had known that I would have done some preliminary research in chronobiology before starting the course. Having said that, however, the lectures and tests are well structured and the protocol is well developed. In the end, I feel I have gained significant insight into the reality of biological rhythms and how they influence our world. This course even helped me improve my sleeping habits! I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject, but especially to those who wish to pursue formal studies in life sciences.

par Zaki D

19 juin 2019

What an incite into this world of light and dark! Great derailed course that leads to better understanding of chronology and the clocks inside.

par Andrea M

8 sept. 2020

I do not have a Biology or Physiology background so found some of the lectures a bit technical, but happy to learn something new and hopefully give it some utility in life. I particarly enjoy the last Lecture, more applicable to human life and functions.

The team was great and I love Martha and Till teaching style.

Thank you!!

par Christopher B

21 juin 2020

I enjoyed the course no doubt. I would have liked LMU to respond to my request about library access as after the first lesson I didn't have access to the recommended reading and thought recommended reading would pile up as the course went on, thankfully it wasn't all academic papers.

par Jan-Frieder H

11 août 2020

This course gives a good introduction into the field of circadian biology!

par Vishal L

11 juin 2020

Course is helpful only if you have prior knowledge of this topic. It is very difficult for beginners to understand concept, cause all points are scattered.

par Wild T

6 juil. 2021

Thank you very much for the amazing experience. Even if new to circadian data, the way the course has been created, it was very easy to follow and to acquire the information in a natural way. What is not to like? The best tip: don't get discouraged as the teachers are amazing and the informations are stunning not just for a professional growth but for our personal gain too. Congratulations to amazing team behind this and again, for the teachers during this course...I will over recommend over and over...didn't have a the impression that I was taking the course...this is the first course with coursera and I'm motivated to continue this path... amazing experience and worth it to give it a try... THANK YOU!

par Vinicios A

12 févr. 2022

Prof. Ronenberg and Prof Martha were wonderful guides across this fascinating journey to understand how time was incorporated in the biology of all living beings. Their solid knowledge and teaching skills are crucial to make us understand not only the interesting theory but also the methods and history of the field of chronobiology and glimpse about applications! I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers, students and staff that made this course possible!!

par Pedro H L C

30 mai 2020

Curso perfeito, porem vocês poderiam oferecer legendas em português! Até porque esse curso é oferecido no Brasil. My assessment was made by a person who did not know how to read Portuguese and instead of translating, he preferred not to rate me. I didn't understand or why it was done, and even if I use translation tools for the same activity and to better understand some parts of the course, because English is not my language.

par Yao-Chung C

20 mai 2019

This course includes a lot of important terms and concept in Chronobiology. It contains a lot of crucial events in the history of the development of research in this field. The wrap-up section also inspired young scientist to address questions in different aspects and to think independently. I am pleased to learn the knowledge of circadian clocks from the fantastic group at LMU.

par Odette W

10 juil. 2020

Nice course about whole different subject in biology. As a former Biology student myself, I really enjoyed this new insight. Chronobiology is a phenomenon that is interwined in many disciplines like biology, medicine and pshychology. This course helped me to understand the basic principles of chronobiology and how it affects our lives (not only our sleep but also our health)!


28 mars 2021

Excellent course.

I have taken that course because I have written a book on sports performance and I have explained the relation between sports performance and the circadian rhythm and chronotype.

I recommend for everyone that recognize how the internal clock can be detrimental to every daily activity (sport, study, life, and so)

Matteo Fortunati

par Kuat O M P D

14 juil. 2020

Very interesting and science-justified 6-w course. Obviously that time is not well investigated yet in comparison with space. Studies related to investigating a time are <5% then space. Nevertheless, this course is trying to create research interest to study time and his influence on nature including human beings. Thank you for the Course!


12 oct. 2020

I really like this course, specially the whole range of topics that reviews. I'm a Biochemist and it was easy to understand almost the whole scientific language, but for a normal person, maybe they would need an intermediate knowledge of science and basic biology. Anyway, I enjoed very much this course!!! Thanks LMU for this.

par Ana M M

19 juin 2020

The course is very interesting and gives a general idea on many different aspects of circadian rhythms and their relation with behaviour and pathologies! It was a bit hard to follow in some more specific lectures but not in general! Thanks a lot for al the effort dedicated to this great course!!

par Leandro V

7 août 2021

V​ery very interesting course! Although lecture 3 and 4 are quite complex if you don't have genetics and molecular background, you can still take something out of it. Appreciate the effort made by the University and everyone who collaborated in this course! Greetings from Argentina

par Mark L

19 avr. 2020

I've been dealing with a circadian rhythm disorder and was very interested in understanding the more about the mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms. This class was very useful and gave me more information than many doctors I've spoken too. Highly recommend it.

par Kate M

2 janv. 2022

Really important content presented well. Learnt alot of valuable information about chronobiology that is not widley known. The lecurers are really leading the way in this field and it was great content and syllabus that they shared with us,

par Shandna B

13 mai 2019

Informative!! It got me thinking about how clock genes regulate the release of neuropeptides that influence the psychiatric illness — excellent starter course for graduate school level course on biological clock courses.

par Daniel H

29 févr. 2020

A very insightful look at just how important circadian rhythms are to our biological processes. How timing can affect drug metabolism/effectiveness and why adolescents really should be allowed to sleep later.