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This course of Chinese Culture and Contemporary China will explore the foundations of Chinese civilization and the dimensions of Chinese culture. It will pay particular attention to the relationship between Chinese culture and the present-day life of the Chinese people and to the different elements of the culture which are under the present social structures, belief systems, literature, arts, customs, etc. The course aims at providing students with a deeper knowledge of Chinese culture, thus enabling them to better understand China. The course will cover the following main areas of topics: (1) the foundations of Chinese civilization: its geography, language, and history; (2) the core concepts in Chinese philosophies and religions: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; (3), literature and arts, including Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tang poetry, and classical fiction; (4) society and life, including education, the role of women, Chinese food, and traditional holidays; (5) travel and landscapes, including well-known Chinese cities, mountains, ethnic regions and customs; (6) Chinese media, culture and sports, including TV and movies, fashion, Chinese gongfu and taiji. In addition, students will be expected to participate in a buddy program beyond curriculum if they have a chance to come to Nanjing. Ideally they will be paired up: an international student with a Nanjing University student to allow students to learn firsthand about Chinese customs, culture, and language. Students will be required to complete various projects and homework assignments as well, which will encourage them to use Nanjing University and the city of Nanjing as a laboratory to apply what they learn during their stay at Nanjing University....

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Jun 10, 2020

This course can help those who are learning Chinese language. As if one wants to understands the native speakers he needs to know about their culture and history.\n\nthank you for this amazing course.


Jun 09, 2020

Lovely Course on Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Values. Well-presented and wonderfully put to appeal to the audience readers. Recommended to anyone who is interested in knowing Chinese culture.

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par Jason C

Apr 28, 2017

Fascinating topic, especially Chinese painting. The videos were enjoyable and instructive and the quizzes were tricky but not overly difficult. Glad I took the course. I learned a lot.

par Angela T

Aug 04, 2017

A short but interesting course and a good introduction to Chinese Culture. The presentations were very good - lots of relevant visuals. I particularly enjoyed the section on music.

par Stanley D

Jun 19, 2019

This course barely did more than scrape the surface of parts of the Chinese culture. It was very lacking in volume of information. The hosts and videos are good, but for some reason, they think that a video must not be longer than 5 minutes. I would not call this a COURSE, but an OVERVIEW. Videos should be 20 minutes minimum and about 3 of those per week with supplemental readings included. The discussions are pretty good, and it is a professionally made course. But just because it is an online course, does not mean it should include less than 10% of the university course.

par Jesper J

Dec 20, 2019

The topic of Chinese culture is without any doubt very interesting. And while the material have piqued my curiosity even more, the course it self do lack depth and flow. It is useful as a quick introductions though.

par Larissa M d A

Feb 07, 2018

I have learned more about the Chinese behavior and thinking, and how rich is the Chinese culture, now I appreciate it too much more than before. I am very thankful for all the teachers that opened the door to us to learn this specific culture and how to bring it to my professional and academic life.

Working for a Chinese company and studying international relations, this course was very special and important to build my knowledge about China and made me feel more interested to go deeper in all the lessons.

Congratualations for all the involved in the prepation of this course, it is perfect.

par Michael A N

May 03, 2017

Course content was excellent, and very interesting. The presentation could be improved however; at times I found it hard to hear what was being said due to poor sound quality. Nevertheless the course has served as an excellent introduction to Chinese culture and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about it.

par Eliška K

Jul 04, 2017

It was very interesting. English was not always great but I really enjoyed this course after all. I love learning new things about China that´s why I simply fell in love with everything I learned.

par Andrea C

Jun 12, 2018

Very useful as an introduction to chinese culture; some arguments could have been detailed more, but I have enjoyed the overall programme and the teachers.


Jul 14, 2017

Excellent course to understand the basics concepts. I would recommend to add some extra documents or readings to go deeper. Bye Valli

par Kate W

Jun 03, 2017

Good but very cursory overview. Spoken and written English in the course was at times broken and a bit confusing.

par Laura H

Jan 11, 2020

Course barely scratched the surface of the topic. Also, the script had many errors.

par John L

Aug 04, 2017

A good sketch of cultural topics but could go into more depth.

par Pamela L S P

Aug 07, 2020

This course has helped me to better understand Chinese culture, its traditions, and customs. I have learned something about the Chinese philosophy that is present in their lives, from the food they eat to their clothing. I learned that in Chinese culture everything that is done has a meaning, which is about understanding the balance of nature that is also present in oneself.

par Renard C

Apr 25, 2018

Thank you for this course and its content very rich in images, videos and anecdotes. The professors are never boring. The rhythm of speech is good, the choice of topics relevant.Although I had already studied many of these topics before, I still had a great pleasure to see them again, to enrich them and I am also very happy to have completed my knowledge.

par JOHN Q

Nov 20, 2017

I enjoyed this course tremendously, and discovered that there was a vast amount of information that I needed to learn about this SuperPower. China is an amazing country with an enormous population and economy, a history of remarkable achievement, and yet still unknown in many ways. Thanks for putting this course together.

par Shahid H S

Oct 08, 2020

For the students of China Studies, or if you have the plan to study in China, you must take this course. The instructors are great, their teaching methods, and way of explaining things with concrete examples are excellent. This introductory course is for all. I would recommend those who are interested to know China.

par Vitor P Z

Aug 20, 2020

The course provides a very broad and comprehensive insight into the general culture of China for those who are unfamiliar with it. The language is accessible and the course doesn't require any previous knowledge. It doesn't dive too dip into Chinese thought and history, since it's not the goal of the course.

par Ixchel P

Jul 12, 2020

Ahora que he comenzado a aprender el idioma chino, este curso me permitió ampliar mi panorama no solo de China, sino también de su gran bagaje cultural que posee. Me he quedado con muchas ganas de aprender más sobre esta nación y continuar mis estudios en la lengua. ¡Bien hecho! 谢谢!

par Elaine T

Jul 20, 2020

Would thoroughly recommend this amazing and very interesting course to anyone. Very interesting content giving lots of information about Chinese Culture and Contemporary China which is both interesting, and easy to understand. Would love to study more of the same courses.

par Dariya Y

Feb 07, 2020

Great source of a brief acquaintance with Chinese culture reflected in people's daily reality. Loved visuals. I suggest peer graded assignments (or making participation in discussions mandatory for course completion) & extra reading + images sources and credits added.

par Viktorija S

Oct 07, 2020

Very imformative and interesting course. Thank you to all professors, 谢谢你们! It is a great intruduction to China's culture. I hope there will be more extented course in the future including more information about China's history and geography.

par Ruchika A

Jun 07, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. It covered diverse topics in brief and informative manner. The discussion forum was a good revision as well. I learned a lot thanks to this course, and am curious to know more about Chinese culture.

par Leanne H

Sep 25, 2020

Very much enjoyed this class, and agree with the teachers that each section is just a small look into the culture. Each small look, however, has made me interested in delving more into Chinese culture on my own. Thank you!!

par Toni H

Jun 26, 2020

a very short intro to things a Chinese person would know but also take for granted, I do enjoy the indepth explanation behind why the customs are the way they are in this short intro course from Nanjing University!