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This course covers chemicals in our environment and in our bodies and how they impact our health. It addresses policies and practices related to chemicals, particularly related to how they get into our bodies (exposures), what they do when they get there (toxicology), how we measure them (biomonitoring) and their impact on our health. Most examples are drawn from the US....

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24 août 2021

This course was full of amazing information. great video lectures, case studies, research, Great professors. I would love to take an advanced course in the same subject. Thank you so much Bravo

4 sept. 2020

All the videos had experts explaining the complexities associated with chemicals at all levels eloquently and wonderfully compiled information. This course has utilized my time really well.

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par Meet P

20 avr. 2017

Thank you for giving me excellent information on Chemicals and Health. It is very helpful course for me. Thank you Johns Hopkins University and coursera.

par Jessica L

26 avr. 2018

To really get the most out of this course, students must read and review previous lectures. It is easy to get work done without actually learning the material. This course is very interesting and taught me how to look at toxicity.

par Asma A

30 sept. 2019

Overall ,it is very excellent course about health and chemicals , too much of knowledge about environment and chemicals and how they affects the human health and all other after effects .

par Greg S

13 juil. 2020

Course material and presentation was very detailed and informative. The wide-variety of speakers for different topics kept the course stimulating and interesting.

The only criticism I have is in regards to the Peer-Reviewed Assignments. There was a large number of individuals who plagiarized their answers for all peer-reviewed assignments. There needs to be a better way to moderate submissions other than peer-review alone. I do not feel comfortable with the fact that the grades I was receiving on those assignments were a direct result of feedback from individuals who clearly did not care enough to learn the material and had little to no academic integrity.

par Cindy P G

31 déc. 2019

I took this course to see if I might be interested in public health.This course has lectures from a variety of professionals in the field, not just professors. I found it very useful and insightful. It also introduces terminology to better explain how chemicals effect our body. I have zero biology background, but I could understand and learn from this course.

par Chatti V N R

11 juin 2020

Excellent way of presenting the material.

Simple to understand.

But one suggestion: videos are little lengthier, you may plz look into making shorter videos as tge content is in-depth

par Aminata G

30 nov. 2016

Nice understanding and structured course. It has strongly deepened my knowledge on health outcomes of chemicals.

par Carlo

30 mai 2017

The individual lectures are well-structured, clear and the lecturers put the media to good use. The course as a whole, however, is very heterogeneous. Having a separate speaker for each topic is nice because you get to attend a lecture from someone who is high specialized in the topic she is lecturing about. However, if the coordination between the speaker is not well managed it leads to a lot of heterogeneity, which, again, is the case here (different speakers don't expect the same level of prior knowledge from their students, they cover some of the same material, they don't connect what they have said to what the other speakers have said...)

I would add that it is irritating to follow a course where the speakers just assume that the attendees are all Americans. Wake up! There are people from all over the world on Coursera! Moreover, I don't mind following a course on Chemicals and Health in the US but it should be clearly stated in the info on the course.

par Sumukh S S

22 juil. 2020

All the videos had experts explaining the complexities associated with chemicals at all levels eloquently and wonderfully compiled information. This course has utilized my time really well.

par robbie m

27 juil. 2020

i love when professors break words and meaning down, and the professor was excellent in this regard. i have taken a lot of medical and science classes in the last few years. This is the most incredible learning experience that I have ever had. igive the kudos to the professors that are teaching and the school John Hopkins. you got it going on!

par Nimra I

20 mai 2019

Very nice and very informative course.. I didn't know before this course about chemicals.. Now I have knowledge regarding chemicals.. Assignment lectures are very good.. Teachers are very good in explanation..

par Titilayo B

13 mai 2020

Excellent course. Meanwhile, I will suggest a fractional input of the moderators or tutors in the assessment process.

par Suyeon K

25 mai 2019

Very informative but videos can be very long

par Elyss B

29 oct. 2020

This is a very good course especially on the field concerning nutrition, chemistry, exposure assessment, and for general knowledge. I have gained enough information to apply to researches on food safety. To the resource person: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise on the field of chemicals and health.

par Nurdan O

13 févr. 2017

Course is well organized and very good presented. You can feel the pre-work behind. Lecturers take their job very seriously. Examinations and peer review assignments lead to review what you've learnt and better understanding. Thanks to all efforts.

par Lyubomira V

22 août 2016

Interesting and clearly presented course. Easy to follow with good explanations and various examples. I have learnt lots of new things. Now my own understandings of a safe environment have developed and I am more cautious. Great job! Thanks

par Bhavya B

5 sept. 2020

All the videos had experts explaining the complexities associated with chemicals at all levels eloquently and wonderfully compiled information. This course has utilized my time really well.

par Tom B

11 juin 2020

Well structured, easy to follow, knowledge gained allowed for quizzes and assignments to be answered fully. I feel like I've come away with a good foundation for toxicology.

par Micheal O M

1 nov. 2019

It's an eyes opening and enriching course. So many important issues and their solutions were discussed in detail. Thank you Johns Hopkins University and Coursera.

par Mark

26 mai 2017

Barebones course, needs more information of chemicals themselves rather than chemical&health POLICY...still informative though; earns an extra star (3 stars) for having thorough assignments & quizzes

par Felipe T

10 août 2020

This course helped me in understanding and getting more familiarized with legislations and regulations for chemical exposure in the United States. Although many of these do not apply in my country, they can be of great help in trying to see their validations. The presentation of different specialists is also very motivating.

Maybe the only drawback I could do to the course is that the most important evaluation is peer-assigned, since the evaluation is subjective and some people do not apply the metrics as they were desired (in my case, I received no points in an answer even though I mentioned and described the concept that was expected, and some corrections did not leave me satisfied according to their feedback, which was more like a pat in the back than something of use).

I will be looking forward to more courses like these.

par Vidhi D

20 juil. 2020

The course introduced the concepts of chemicals and toxicology with respect to public health very well. The insights offered by various professionals into their fields of specialization were very helpful.

One thing I would like to add, is the fact that some people grade peer reviewed assignments unfairly. Whether they genuinely do not understand the language used, or if it is straight out of malice or ignorance beats me. Although I had fun completing the writing assignment, my final grade was brought down because a peer gave me a lower score even if my answers entirely matched with the rubric, and that was kind of demotivating.

Apart from this, I have no complaints! Thank you for reading.

par priya k

4 juil. 2020

This is my first experience of learning Chemicals and Health. This course is a good platform for those who are interested in learning chemicals. I learnt a lot and gained new information. I hope this would help me more in future. I would suggest this course because the notes are easy understand, precised, and well-explained.

par Shelani S M H

18 août 2020

Love this course.this was really helpful.lectures were clear.i gathered so many details about chemicals.finally i got the this idea, "dont be afraid of using chemicals .you just have to concern about the safety measures when handling them.if you know the theory to live with chemicals that is the secret for a better life.

par �Sadman S R

9 août 2020

The course was quite useful, referring to the harmful effects of chemicals. It also opened my eyes that natural objects can also be dangerous. However, the only issue with this course at 2 weeks' quiz is taken together and some questions in the quizzes are not related to the lectures.

Overall, I appreciate this course.