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This course is for experienced C programmers who want to program in C++. The examples and exercises require a basic understanding of algorithms and object-oriented software....

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12 juin 2016

A very good courser, especially for people like me that have a lot experience in coding c program but want to learn something more to advance my career. I'll recommend this course to my friend.


19 déc. 2019

I liked it, it costed me a little because I am not a C programmer with big experience, and this course I feel is focused on C programmers that want to know how to "translate" their code to C++

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par Vishal C

23 avr. 2019

Part A is not that interesting for me as I already have some C++ exp. But Part B seems promising. Plus most of the time in the video I have to see profession's face rather than C++ code.

par Laila D

24 avr. 2016

I would like thank Prof. Ira Pohl for the excellent lectures in the course

C++ for C programmers Part A. The build up of C++ using C as a

background gave me a good understanding of the various features

of C++ and how one can make use of these features to write

programs in a good idiomatic programming style. The lectures

presented with a blend of data structures and algorithms provided

much insight into programming in C++. Looking forward to the Part

B of the course.

par Abhishek G

2 sept. 2020

Good course ! I must advice this course for those students who are proficient in C and have accumulated a good experience regarding the same. I includes great assignments and tests which will help you in understanding the concepts in a much better way and the students can also refer discussion forums to know about most common doubts students make in their programs and can also help them for their respective issues.

par Iulian V

17 juin 2017

I was looking for a long time for a C++ online curs. Although there are quite a few availeble on different learning platforms, most of them start either from very begining or present only brieflly the modern features of the language. This one, presumming a certain level of knowledge in C programming, satisfy my need for information regarding C++ programing language.

par Muhan Z

27 oct. 2016

From this course, you can learn some inspiring features of C++11. Moreover, you can grasp a basic learning about programming with C++ as a beginner. The homework assignment is also challenging, usually it takes me a whole day to finish the program. But those homework is a good practic and will prompt you to work harder and deeper on programming with c++.

par Richard S

15 juin 2020

Very good intro to C++. Ira Pohl was always very clear, explained details and provided good examples. Programming assignments very worthwhile and good way to reinforce learning.

Note one of the books is very expensive on Amazon close to $200 (used) likely due to course being free and high demand. Without the book assignments can take longer.

par Sandipan D

14 oct. 2017

It's a pretty good course. The professor does actually cover a lot of useful stuff introduced in the latest versions of C++ which enhance ease of coding. There are two assignments on graph theory which are good learning experiences. Some programming background is a must to the take the course since basic concepts are assumed to be known.

par Huda N S

2 juil. 2020

This course is very beneificial for a computer engineer as it covers all the mathematics algorithm required in the programming and the algorithms are explained in an excellent way .The concepts are much clearly explained so that one can understand and also examples are provided in order to make one understood.

par Aniruddha J

4 juin 2017

Excellent course with comparative learning between C and C++. Very usefull for people who already know a lot of things about C and C++ yet find it difficult to differentiate between them. This course also improves your knowledge about C++ and sets foundation to the basics of other languages similar to C++.

par Adwait K

31 juil. 2020

This course was better than previous one.I have generated a good amount of skill and knowledge due to this course.Just I have 1 problem regarding sound of the course the voice of Prof. is too low to listen kindly note down this problem.But Course is extremely helpful.

Thank You

par Saksham T

13 juil. 2018


par ftgo

18 avr. 2020

This course is full of joy and challange, all in a single package. At the same time it approachs C++ language and idioms, it discourse the foundations of Graph theory with details on shortest path and minimum spanning tree. Highly recommended.


22 juin 2019

This course has helped me to gain a fair understanding of the recent advances in C++ and has also enriched my knowledge of data structures and algorithms. I look forward to taking up part B of this course as well. Thank you very much!

par Vineet K S

17 janv. 2017

Nice course with content focused on the extra things C++ brings - STL. However it would have been better if Inheritance also covered in this course. Also learned about Graphs through this course. Exercises were tough but were good.

par Aninkan G

7 mai 2020

Power packed course with detailed programming assignments and compact lessons on c++ programming by experts in the relevant field of study.Thank you coursera for providing such a wonderful programming knowledge enhancing course.

par Burt C

27 janv. 2020

This is a great intro/refresher course for C++. While it is based on C++ 11 (and prior), it is a fun course that will refresh your skills in graph theory, the STL, classes and friends. Definitely worth the effort.

par Jian L

10 sept. 2017

The best course for those who have a background of C programming and data structure&algorithms. The homeworks are more difficult and time consuming than other courses, but you can learn a lot from them.

par Fangda C

13 juin 2016

A very good courser, especially for people like me that have a lot experience in coding c program but want to learn something more to advance my career. I'll recommend this course to my friend.

par Anuj S

30 avr. 2020

Great course. People who have knowledge of C but are new to OO programming should definitely take this course. It would not hurt to include more exercises in the course.

par Miguel G

17 mai 2016

This was very good course to learn about the differences between C and C++. I have been C programmer for some time and never had a C++ introduction until this course.

par Sebastian W

15 mai 2020

I really enjoyed the course. I like the instructor's way of explaining things and definitely learned a lot.

A big thanks to you, Mr. Pohl. Keep up the great work.

par Goutam D

23 mars 2016

A much needed course for all those students who have strong fundamentals in C Programming but lack the OOP skills in C++.

Still there is a scope of improvement.

par Suleman S

30 avr. 2020

Best Course on Internet. It Covers Basics of C++ to Advanced Concepts. It covers the most important topics of programming, Graph theories, and many more.

par Tushar T

11 mai 2020

It is an awesome course to move to c++ from C .

Includes all the essential elements needed in C programming.

i.e the best course available to learn C++.

par Ashish M

11 mai 2020

the course had some good algorithms and ds topics which was taken care of so smoothly.As each concept was taught with relating to real life examples.