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This course aims to improve your Business English language skills by developing your vocabulary and reading skills and your understanding of tone, style and knowledge of communication methods. We'll also cover how these language skills can enhance audience analysis, business case analysis and basic business communication strategies. Skills learned in this course will often be referred to and needed to complete the speaking, writing and cross-cultural communications courses of this Specialization. After completing this course, you will be able to: - describe things and events in the context of Business English - make requests in the context of Business English - support arguments in the context of Business English - use appropriate tone and style according to the context of Business English - conduct an audience analysis - match audience with the purpose and medium of communication - analyse and summarise business data...

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16 sept. 2021

This is the great course if you would like to improve your English, you can refresh and use English better. Please try to learn and you will know that you use something wrong for English.

24 mai 2021

Very helpful course, it provide so many things by which i have learned how to properly communicate with others. So thank you for your course, which is really good.!

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par Rafael D

14 mars 2016

It is hard to be constructive when you do have something brilliant to compare with.

The very first thing to say is that the course is presented through poorly drawn cartoons for 5-year-olds and ineffective lecture videos with little or no eye contact with the instructors. The presentations are filled with strange icons and drawings appearing every here and there, making not much of a professional impression.

After watching videos, in just about 5 minutes after the lecture is over, the retained information was always going to zero. Sometimes I had to rewind the video to retrieve the points they were trying to make. Or maybe I just didn't want to listen to them. But it seems impossible due to the fact I am interested, and I do finish every course on Business writing I run into. Always with 100% final grade.

The overall demeanor is not as professional as it has to be. I recommend the designers to watch "Write Professional Emails" with Gerry Landers by Georgia Tech and "Teach English Now!" with Dr. Shane Dixon by Arizona State University. I do not normally remember the instructors' names, except for brilliant ones. I do not remember the ones of this course.

I do hope my criticism will eventually lead to a better experience for your students. I apologize if I was overly direct and wordy.



par Adilho T d S

26 août 2018

The course could provide you, a helpful introduction to the general idea of necessary business communication.

par Nadia

30 juil. 2016

I recommend this course. It has been a great experience learning the basics of Business English.

Very well paced, amazing context.

par Hamid S

27 avr. 2017

Thank you very much. It was very useful course and lecturers provided very insightful information. I look forward to participate at your next course. All the best.

par Tatiana M R

16 juin 2020

Excelente curso, lo recomiendo mucho para personas que estén inmersas en el mundo de los negocios y que deseen mejorar su vocabulario y gramatica.

par Yesid P

5 oct. 2018

I think it's an excellent course, especially for those of us who do not have fluency in the English language.

par Mini V

20 mars 2018

This is an excellent course that goes in-depth on all aspects of business english. Highly recommended.

par Zhang y

3 juil. 2019

my first internet course proved nice. I will continue to learn the rest four. Thank Producer.

par Zoya R

12 juin 2016

very clear, useful course about communications in business, basics of the basics.

par Mahmoud A

24 juin 2016

it was a very good content with high level of knowledge

par (Ken) q w

3 avr. 2018

Poor organized although some information is useful.

par Hassan R R

27 nov. 2016

Thanks all coursera team for their nice and helpful guides and information.

Kind regards

par Nitin T

5 janv. 2018

I am very excited and pleased after taking this Business English: Basics, I started noticing and correcting my own mistake that I used to make. I am looking forward to complete other associated courses as well for achieving the proficiency in communication. This course is a great deal of learning for students and professionals, who wish to learn profession communication skills.

To cut a long story short, This course really improved my written and verbal communications at a certain degree, especially after reading about 'Audience analysis' and Harvard Business School Case Analysis Approach!

par Ismail A

17 avr. 2018

this course is very well organized and I leaned how to delivery my objectives to a specific audience regarding of their needs and concerns. I can now support my arguments effectively using Logo, Ethos and Pathos. I've learn to read a piece of writing critically which helps me to comprehend the concepts or gist of it. Thanks for your courses!

par Anyiam O O

25 août 2020

This is a very good course for those who want to learn the ethics of a work place. Not just speaking but down right to how to work and do things generally in the business environment. I highly recommend this course. It was exciting, new and different from other courses.


23 avr. 2020

it's one of the most effective courses I have ever take. The material is well structured and the tutors are perfect. everyone can get benifits from this course no matter what their English level is.

par Maria J D

12 mai 2019

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this course. I learned new postures to speaking and thinking. And I diagnosed my weaknesses and the way to improve them. You all are a great team.

par Varduhi K

23 juil. 2018

Мне очень понравилась Ваш проект, я можно сказать совсем не знала английский язык, но вы смогли помочь мне , и я очень благодарна вам за вашу работу, Спасибо Вам Всем за ваш труд ....


10 mai 2020

The course is fantastic!!! The only thing that needed to be improve is the sound when the blond woman is talking, the sound is very low and sometimes difficult to understand.

par Shekhu S

25 mai 2021

Very helpful course, it provide so many things by which i have learned how to properly communicate with others. So thank you for your course, which is really good.!

par Victoria K

22 mars 2016

I liked the course very much. All the lessons are interesting and informative, the group discussions give opportunity to know the point of view of other students

par Camila N R B

18 août 2020

Disfrute bastante el curso y bastante dinámico, solo mejoraría algunos vídeos pues no se suelen escuchar muy bien y los subtítulos tampoco concuerdan luego.

par Marcos S

14 mars 2016

I've learned a lot about business, as well I enhanced my English skills.

I recommend this course for everyone who intends to improve their English skills.


20 août 2020

It really is a very good course to familiarize yourself with the business world and how to succeed in doing business in English.

par Olha S

18 mai 2020

Very good! Thank you for this course! But I would recommend to add more exercises for new words (vocabulary)