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Brand identity and Strategy is a IE Business School course for those professionals who are ready to adopt a creative approach to empowering brands. Students will go through a journey that starts with understanding what a brand is and how they can build successful ones, whilst simultaneously segmenting their consumers appropriately. The course explores positioning and its importance to successful brands looking at perceptual maps and the well-known iceberg model. It culminates in development of real brand houses, which can be applied to the working world, and how picking the right name, colors and logo can be instrumental to a brand’s success. The course is delivered by Rhodes Scholar winning Professor, Dr Maria Eizaguirre, a member of IE Business School’s faculty....

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5 juin 2020

It was Informational. the professor taught the course really well with great examples. Found this course very interesting and creative. And it definitely helped me to understand branding in depth.

19 nov. 2019

I love how this course is delivered - Dr. María Eizaguirre delivers this course in a simple, succinct and clear format. You are left with a wealth of knowledge on branding and strategy.

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par Alaa B

8 mai 2019

I would no recommend this course to anyone, So many assignment that are so boring and long, unlike other courses where you have 1 assignment at the end of each week or a multiple choice test... Most of the people who take these courses here are busy, working people and sometimes business owners who if they had that much time to spare on assignments and research would've went back to college X(

par Melina C

1 août 2019

I think this course is well-intended but unsatisfactory. I do feel I learned about the concept of brands and how to perceive/create their identity, myself being a complete stranger to this area, but I think the course becomes very repetitive and sometimes incoherent. Of course, I understand that an online course like this, only four weeks long, can barely skim the surface of what is the formation of a brand, but still, I am left with the feeling that I could have been better conceived to cover a broader base of the discipline.

Personally, I did not mind the amount of work and assignments required because I feel practical work is a must for learning such abstract concepts and theories. I do think, though, that sometimes the assignments were unclear or confusing, and also the review sections sometimes did not match up to the instructions which made the evaluations more difficult.

All in all, I am left with a lot of curiosity around this subject of brands and branding and so I will continue my studies elsewhere.

par Drea T

8 sept. 2019

The course is ok, but not great, nor what I expected. It does not go very deep on the concepts, and sometimes (like at least 50% of the time) asks you to do assignments with concepts it has not explained ??. There are no questionnaires/quizzes like in other courses (there is only one and it is only 10% of the grade). Most of the assignments are peer reviews, and sometimes even if you send the thing on time, you get reviewed by only one person and have to deal with his/her subjectivity. My opinion: The evaluation process should be reviewed and make at least 50% of the assignments quizzes, so we are evaluated for what we learned, not just based on the opinions of people who are just learning.

par Bindu B R

31 mai 2020

It was a great branding journey, very effective and touches the real life branding aspects. It was a pleasure to know the instructor Maria Eizaguirre, who gave a great effort to deliver course syllabus. I Love how this course is delivered, Simple, effective and practical , indeed it was a good use of lockdown time to gain knowledge and brush up your skills. Throughly enjoyed the learning and earned a certificate as well. #learning #skills #course #practical #certificate #branding #training #instructor #brandbuilding #brandvalues #brandstrategy #strategicmarketing #brandstorytelling #marketingstrategy #brandstrategist #brandmarketing #marketingleadership #growthmarketing

par Juma B

21 déc. 2020

This was such a great experience! The course was challenging but taught me so much about things that I knew of but couldn't articulate. I'm for sure continuing on the to the next one.

par Maria M

12 mai 2020

classes's exercises and articles to read should be more interactive and up to date.

Week's assignments are good but sometimes what is teach in class is not enough to fully complete them. Some topics are not fully covered like how to write a market / consumer insight. There should be more real life examples of companies / brands and how they use, apply the topics learnt.

par Arghawan Z

3 janv. 2021

I think an investment in a better microphone and a little more patience for speaking clearly and slowly would make this course better. sorry about that

par Afoluke A A

28 juin 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed taking this course! It was a fantastic refresher for me after leaving core branding for several years. I loved the exercises, the extra reading and the additional resources that were provided. Most of all, I enjoyed working on my favourite brand, Google! Thank you, Maria, you are an amazing facilitator.

par Iva B

6 avr. 2020

The course was great. We had a lot of content, and what I loved are the readings they were giving us. Also, we had practical assignments often. Because of that I feel like I gained the most knowledge. All in all, very interesting course. Definitely recommend!

par Anano R

13 févr. 2020

Highly Recomended This course! in this course there is so many example vere you can sduty, also assigmen is little bit hard but you can study many things, this course is one of the most excelent course! Thank you for good experience.

par shadi a

9 mars 2020

It was a great branding journey, very effective and touches the real life branding aspects. It was a pleasure to know the instructor Maria Eizaguirre, who gave a great effort to deliver course syllabus.

par Bhumika M

6 juin 2020

It was Informational. the professor taught the course really well with great examples. Found this course very interesting and creative. And it definitely helped me to understand branding in depth.

par Archie A Z

27 sept. 2020

I am very helped by the learing method of this class, it's such a new sight for me to learn things. I am happy to learing this Brand Identity and Strategy class from ie University :)

par Abdallahezzz

31 mai 2020

This is very awesome course you can be brand expert after this course.

Thanks, IE Business Thanks a lot Mrs. Maria thanks.

par Antonio P S C

16 nov. 2019

Lots of great tools and matrixes. Takes you step by step and you can apply the frameworks right away.

par Ilaria L

14 avr. 2020

Excellent. Clear explanations, useful, interesting. Very happy and satisfied about the teacher.

par Raul N C G

9 mars 2020

Good content and aproach. The exercises are also good in reinforcing the key issues learned.

par Ahmed M M

12 mai 2020

an exceptional course, very valuable , rich content and really i have learnt a lot from it

par Francesco G

16 mars 2020

It's a good course and I learned a fair bit, but I found the in-screen quizzes weak and some of the assignments repetitive and therefore unnecessary and time consuming.

Last but not least, the slides could be done better. Often the content was presented in a very theoretical and academic way, lacking in practical examples.

par Bertil D

8 août 2020

I give it three stars. It does have great video content but I felt it lacked examples. In this occasion examples would make it more clear what the assignments were really looking for. Once you complete the assignment, you're not sure at all if you did it correctly or if it is even close to being correct. The fact that you grade your peers discounts the grade even more as you don't know if they even looked at the assignment or just clicked random points to complete their journey.

On a good note, it does cover a lot and definitely added new knowledge to the chamber.

par Wenwen x

23 sept. 2021

i have highly recommened this class, easy to follow the overview/step with video with many good examples. most importantly very practical to just apply daily work if you are in the retail industry involving management branding project. course price is valued for this knowledge, i will for sure to keep learning the rest of 3 courses.

par Eliza L

19 avr. 2021

This course was totally worth it for those who wants to learn deeper about branding! Before I enrolled into this course, I thought branding was just about good logos, but to be truth, there are lot more deeper than just a good logo. Enroll to this course to learn more! Totally worth it! Thank you so much Prof Maria and ie!

par Jimoh h

6 juil. 2020

have always wanted a place to learn more professional things about branding not just the design. i am happy today that i was able to learn more than i expected on coursera. well segmented topics and very understandable. more power to your elbow. thank you dr maria, thank you coursera.

par Sara V

26 déc. 2020

vey vey useful and detailed for those who want to go deep in branding. IS excellent if your job need some knowledge about it that boosts your job. I am a fashion designer and kinda think branding is very important and useful when delievering any kind of service/product.

par fcastilloch

26 août 2021

The course was Great! the teacher is very passionate and honest I really liked the approach she took for the course, It has very good content and is really hands-on with the activities which to be honest is the only way of getting good at Branding, by doing. Thank you!