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Welcome to AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. If you’re new to the cloud, whether you’re in a technical or non-technical role such as finance, legal, sales, marketing, this course will provide you with an understanding of fundamental AWS Cloud concepts to help you gain confidence to contribute to your organization’s cloud initiatives. This course is also the starting point to prepare for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification whenever it’s convenient for you. After you complete the course, you’ll understand the benefits of the AWS Cloud and the basics of its global infrastructure. You’ll be able to describe and provide an example of the core AWS services, including compute, network, databases, and storage. For the finance-minded, you’ll be able to articulate the financial benefits of the AWS Cloud, define core billing and pricing models, and learn how to use pricing tools to make cost-effective choices for AWS services....

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24 mars 2022

This course was really a great one to build up a strong base before jumping further into AWS. The content, video and the quizes were of high quality. I really enjoyed completing this course a lot.


6 févr. 2021

This is a phenomenal course designed by astute teachers who have a knack for simplifying complex Amazon Web Services Cloud solutions for the interested learner. Highly recommend it!

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par Martin D

29 mai 2021

I passed my AWS Practitioner exam first time and I have this course to thank for that. My advice is do the extra reading in the resources sections and look around the AWS site for the Labs and do all of the Free Tier ones (the others will cost you something, so delete immediately after completing... also practice pricing by working out how much before hand)

Thanks to AWS and the instructors for the brilliant delivery of the course and the materials. Good luck to anyone taking this course, you won't regret it.

par Tapiwa M

1 mars 2021

Very solid intro to AWS. I'm heading into the data science field and AWS Sagemaker got my attention, however, I had no prior experience with AWS so decided to find an intro to the platform before signing up and happy I found this course.

The instructors are very engaging. Overall I think this course provides a great launching pad for most tech-savvy business users. Had not realized just how vast of a platform AWS is, so this course does a good job at giving you a lay of the land. If you're looking to then become an AWS expert, or be more IT-focused, then you'll 110% need to do follow-up courses.

Pro tip: Bookmark the parts of AWS you find the most interesting as a ton are on the free tier. I already have so many ideas for machine learning projects and can't wait to dig into all the different ways to tackle various real-world problems.

par Davor G

5 févr. 2021

Very good overview of the entire AWS, but also about Cloud business model in general. Some topics are a bit too basic for me, but it does not matter - overview is really good.


20 août 2021

You guys don't provide certificate. If we have completed the coursew successfully, then it is your responsibility to provide us and movtivate the students by providing them certificates...

par Alex M

18 août 2021

C​ontent was presented in a fun way and I just successfully passed my CCP Certification!

However, I do recommend reading the AWS Whitepapers and some of the additional resources, because the CCP exam is considerably harder than the quizzes in this course.

par David N

6 févr. 2021

This is a phenomenal course designed by astute teachers who have a knack for simplifying complex Amazon Web Services Cloud solutions for the interested learner. Highly recommend it!

par Trevon F

3 avr. 2021

This is extremely amazing sorry I didn’t get started when I first applied ah few months ago it wasn’t letting in but now I’m thank happy I’ve gotten the opportunity 😭❤️👏🏾

par Maximilian J V S

17 févr. 2021

I was able to consolidate my knowledge about AWS to take the Cloud Practitioner Certification.

par Joy E

23 févr. 2021

It was a good one to wrap up what I've been learning in preparation for the exam.

par Mehmet E S

7 mars 2021

Better to have hands on labs for services. Also hints for real exam would be great.

par Rahil K

17 avr. 2021

I have been through many different courses on various platforms and to be very honest, the course content and the delivery style of each and every trainer is so beautiful that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course till its very end and would love to learn more from these trainers in future. Cheers!!

par Jeetendra U

22 avr. 2021

Very Good Course for Beginners, explaining AWS cloud and related journey. Even though the course can be completed in 3-4 days, request & suggest to at least give 2-3 weeks with revision for better learning and outcomes. Thanks AWS & Coursera.

par Werner B

2 févr. 2021

Really great course - strongly recommended to everybody who wants to learn more about cloud. I hope that there will be more such AWS courses on Coursera in the future. Thanks to all the trainers it was awesome to listen to you

par George H

12 mai 2021

Ireally enjoyed the course and Iam looking forward for my next step so I can get my certification. please confirm my next step.

thank you

par Gao Y

22 mai 2021

It's really helpful for me to understand AWS as a beginner.

The documents in this course are very useful for preparing for the test.

par Md.Muntasir M

11 sept. 2021

Well organised and very good for learning about AWS from a beginner level

par Diane B

20 mars 2022

A​lthough I found the information in this course informative, I feel like it barely scratches the surface. If you're taking this course in hopes of passing the CCP exam look elsewhere. Once I finished this course and started taking practice exams on sites like Tutorialsdojo, Udemy I found myself failing everyone. Why might you ask? Again because this course barely scratches the surface. I was taking the practice exams and felt like I was being tested on everything I didn't learn.

par Gnanavel B

18 oct. 2021

free certificate is required

par Eugenio F M P

10 août 2021

Fully descriptive, amusing and funny, this course is a perfect kick off for taking a taste of the background, top and well-known services and infraestructure tips of AWS and then dive into more advanced trails of knowledge.

Don't aspire to know how to build a S3 bucket and connect it to Snowflake, but aspire to get insight about storage services available on AWS and its differentiating characteristics (block vs file vs object vs infrequent vs long term as they are named as EBS vs EFS vs S3 Standard vs S3 Standard IA vs S3 Glacier, for example) :P

par Joel F

17 juil. 2022

Very good course. I loved the instructors and the energy and optimizm they displayed. There was just enough video editing to keep me engaged and in a jovial mood. I liked the analogy of the coffee shop used throughout the course. I liked the structure of the course - watching a video, then reading to reenforce the learning, then a short practice quiz.

par James K

11 juin 2022

This is an excellent course. It covers so much ground that it could be overwhelming but the pace, links and analogies make each section relatively easy to digest.

As an experienced trainer myself, I am really impressed by each of the 3 presenters and but the effective structuring of the course.

par Sara P

3 févr. 2022

Definitely wouldn't make it this far without the help of these instructors and their excellent walkthrough and breakdown of AWS. This is not your typical course. I would only add that courses in general should follow the teaching model that Team Tree House has established.

par Matthew G

8 mars 2021

Excellent baseline course for those interested in cloud computing. While I did need to go look up a few basic terms related to cloud computing, this was a great introduction to some of the AWS features and operations in this industry. Thanks CourseRA!

par Abhiram A

27 avr. 2021

Very well-produced videos. Great place to begin exploring AWS if the AWS website made you rethink your life decisions. Has no hands-on demos or exercises but lays down a strong and very necessary foundational framework before going hands on.

par Dharma K

27 déc. 2021

I​nstructors made the class fun and interesting, I enjoyed it very much. It's too bad you don't get the actual certification until you take the exam with AWS. I completed that successfully within a week of completing this class.