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In the final course, we'll tie together the concepts that you’ve learned up until now. You'll tackle real-world scenarios in Qwiklabs that will challenge you to use multiple skills at once. First, we'll take a closer look at how to use external Python modules to extend your code's capabilities, and spend some time learning how to use documentation to learn a new module. For example, we'll use the Python Image Library (PIL) to create and modify images. We'll show you some simple examples of how to perform common tasks in the course material, but it will be up to you to explore the module documentation to figure out how to solve specific problems. Next, we'll show you how to communicate with the world outside of your code! You'll use data serialization to turn in-memory objects into messages that can be sent to other programs. Your program will send messages across the network to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offered by other programs. For those times when your code needs to talk to a person instead of a program, you'll also learn to send email messages. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to take a description of a problem and use your skills to create a solution -- just like you would on the job. In your final capstone project, you'll be given a description of what your customer needs, and it will be up to you to create a program to do it!...

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5 mars 2021

So hard, but thanks God, I'm here now still alive :)

Thanks, Google! It's such a wonderful journey through your courses on day-to-day task and real-world problem solving... and I really like it!


24 mars 2020

To me, this is the best course in the specialization. It helps you realize how far you've gotten from just barely learning Python and it also has the best labs where you can practice your skills.

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par Ibrahim B

21 mars 2020

This course has really helped me seen System Administration and IT Technical Support from in a whole new light. When I started I thought it was going to be easy but as I progressed I realised it was not the ease but the amount of work and thinking that goes into delivering cutting edge solutions. I am confident with all the skills I have acquired in this course and would keep my fingers crossed for more exciting courses from Google and awesome Googlers.

par Ritik K

8 juil. 2020

I still can't believe that i can really do these things.. I wonder hoe i just started with just a little knowledge and thinking whether it is correct decision or not but now i will say i make aright decision to enroll for this course. They are just awesome not only in their work but also in teaching people...

par Luis

3 sept. 2020

Definitely the most rewarding labs in the series. This course takes off the training wheels and lets you write most of the code on your own, the labs are harder but very satisfying to finish, I especially like the last lab. Definitely recommend the entire Specialization and this course. Thanks.

par Karolina G

28 oct. 2021

Bastante útil, en el laboratorio se presentaron muchos errores pero el lograr corregirlos también fue experiencia de aprendizaje, aunque puede ser algo frustrante considerando que hay tiempos de entrega, afortunadamente los foros están disponibles al igual que el personal de qwicklabs.

par Angel G D

9 avr. 2020

This was incredibly rewarding, I used everything included GitHub to be able to move all my scripts to a different session when the time of my first lab expired since the time was not enough for me. Almost every concept in the course was used in this last module

par Kalpesh S

27 juil. 2020

This course took a lot of time to understand and update the deliverables. This course deals with the Real World problems of Automating with the help of Python. I am delightfully thankful to my instructors at google for this wonderful opportunity.

par Jordy F C L

25 sept. 2020

This was an extraordinarios course, the best of the entire specialization, I spent hours with challenging real world problems and I also need to put in practice all the knowledges previously acquired in past courses.


8 nov. 2021

The course is really good. The methodology applied to teaching is efficient and the way that they show us how important and where we can implement all the teachings makes the course dynamic and interesting.

par Bruno E P A

11 avr. 2021

Personally, loved the ending of the course. Everything learned so far is greatly applied in a final task that makes you feel confident about what you learnt and encourages you to continue an IT journey.

par Richard J P

25 mars 2020

To me, this is the best course in the specialization. It helps you realize how far you've gotten from just barely learning Python and it also has the best labs where you can practice your skills.

par Rameses

3 déc. 2020

Excellent Course!!!

I can't emphasize this enough. I learned so many new concepts and the exercises were challenging and fun.

The whole specialization was a superior learning experience all the way

par Victor D

13 août 2020

This was great practical end of this specialisation, and I am very grateful to Goggle for offering this course. I feel a lot more confident with my support work after this final course.

par Lyle

14 févr. 2022

I thought it was a good course. It gives you a good foundation in python I would love to see google make a advanced python with django course or a golang course would be awesome too.

par Caridad P G

16 janv. 2022

Es un curso muy completo y práctico, de gran calidad. Permite adquirir un amplio conocimiento de Python, desde un nivel inicial, hasta progresivamente alcanzar un nivel alto.

par Ajinkya R

21 août 2020

"Automate the Real World Stuff with Python libraries and modules; now the boring stuff is not boring anymore. And I will find more boring tasks to so that I can automate it."

par Harim H

7 janv. 2022

I am immensely grateful to the team of Google and Coursera for making this possible. Now, with these tools I've learned, I'll be able to advance mi professional career!

par Md. N A K H

13 févr. 2021

Thank you google and coursera for giving me the opportunity to participate in this great course!

I have learned a lot and I feel I am a different person now!

Thank you!!!

par Yash A C

12 sept. 2020

This course was really challenging, but also a great learning experience at the same time. Completing this course will boost your confidence and sharpen your skills.

par Alan D

16 août 2021

Good general introduction to many IT areas. Would be even better if all of the code examples from the instructors were made available for download by the students.


8 juil. 2020

The best course I have seen till now. The practicals and contents were awesome. I learned many new things with this course by applying different modules of Python.

par Nazih S

3 sept. 2021

E​xcellent course! Learning a ton... No doubt, I will reuse of part of it in real life. The capstone project is hard as real life :). Much appreciated. Thank you!

par Alexandru S

13 juil. 2020

The perfect "ending" for very good courses! It takes everything you have learned in the first 3 courses and makes you apply the knowledge to real world problems!

par Ferry P

8 mars 2021

well that very difficult but I thought it very awesome can learn python on Coursera and get certificate from google

thanks, Coursera and Bangkit program 2021

par Daniel A C

8 déc. 2020

Llevaba muchos años sin estudiar nada y este curso me ha activado las neuronas otra vez. He aprendido mucho y sin duda volveré a inscribirme a otros cusos

par Chad R

24 janv. 2021

I learned a TON! TY Google for putting this together! Now I know I need to learn more. Feeling confident and feeling that I have so much to still learn.