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For many years now, people have been improving their tools, studying the forces of nature and bringing them under control, using the energy of the nature to operate their machines. Last century is noted for the creation of machines which can operate other machines. Nowadays the creation of devices that interact with the physical world is available to anyone. Our course consists of a series of practical problems on making things that work independently: they make their own decisions, act, move, communicate with each other and people around, and control other devices. We will demonstrate how to assemble such devices and programme them using the Arduino platform as a basis. After this course, you will be able to create devices that read the data about the external world with a variety of sensors, receive and forward this data to a PC, the Internet and mobile devices, and control indexing and the movement. The creation of such devices will involve design, the study of their components, the assemblage of circuit boards, coding and diagnostics. Along with the creation of the devices themselves, you will perform visualization on a PC, create a web page that will demonstrate one of your devices, and figure out how an FDM 3D-printer is configured and how it functions. Besides those keen on robotics or looking to broaden their horizons and develop their skills, the course will also be useful to anyone facing the task of home and industrial automation, as well as to anyone engaged in industrial design, advertising and art. The course does not require any special knowledge from the participants and is open even to students of upper secondary school. Programming skills and the level of English allowing to read technical documentation would be an advantage, but this is not obligatory. The entire course is dedicated to practice, so the best way for you would be to get hold of some electronics, follow the illustrated examples and experiment on your own. You can buy some Arduino here: The list of the items used in the Course: Taught by: Alexey Perepelkin, head of Robotics department in the Laboratory of innovative educational technologies at MIPT Taught by: Dmitry Savitsky, researcher in the Laboratory of innovative educational technologies at MIPT...

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21 juin 2018

Wow. What an informative course!! Although mostly in Russian, it is in Russian style. No nonsense. One can learn quite a lot if patient enough to learn via caption. Highly recommended.

29 mai 2020

Nice course about Arduino. But from week 3, the audio is also been translated in English. Since the translated text is available, able to finish the course. Anyways, Good

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par Emin A

30 déc. 2020

First two weeks is different from 3-6 weeks. Most things changed at the beginning of 3rd week. They started to use new devices and videos were in Russian languages. They should tell mention about it before we start course. Actually it is not what I dream of. It seems they worked hard to create this course. But sorry, I didn't like :(

par Philip M

9 sept. 2019

While English is not the educators first language, the person who has dubbed the program into English has zero technical knowledge of the subject and repeatedly uses incorrect words, and phrases.

The course is UN-followable and will lead to the student having no knowledge of the subject, and UN-able to communicate with their peers.

par Enrico N

21 août 2019

This course has too many errors on videos and on translations to english.

It is also very basic and it is boring to anyone who has minimum skills of programming (any language) and minimum knowledge of Arduino.

par Jonathan G

23 mars 2018

There was no point to this course unless you want to build robots. It switched from English to Russian unexpectedly and I didn't expect that. It's almost as if you have to before rushing to learn this course.

par Piyush G

26 mai 2020

I'm in week 3, and week 3 course are in Russian language, MY request to Coursera to take action on this problem.

par Shubham A

15 août 2018

Topics were not explained in detail. The English translation was very poor and it was hard to understand it.

par Arsineh B

27 sept. 2017

Very poor course, it was not easy to understand the language, and it was not straight forward for beginners

par Mohamed M I

5 sept. 2020

where is the voice English translation???? that's make me very angry

par Kerollos s A E

7 sept. 2020

not interacted

not clear

russian not english

the talk is not useful

par Deepak

2 sept. 2020

I am completely completed 2Week all sessions but test is locked

par Fadi H

10 févr. 2021

After second week there is no English Audio ... all In russian

par Aramita D D

9 sept. 2020

The Language used in the Course is heard to understand.

par Sanket A

4 sept. 2021

lectures are not in english unable to understand.

par yasar a

16 sept. 2018

The lectutes become spanish after week 2.

par Janmejay M

3 sept. 2020

language in 3rd week is not in english

par LUIS F V

17 févr. 2020

not woth spending the time and energy

par zozoking 1

2 nov. 2020

no english dub