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Appreciative Inquiry is a collaborative and constructive inquiry process that searches for everything that gives life to organizations, communities, and larger human systems when they are most alive, effective, creative and healthy in their interconnected ecology of relationships. To appreciate, quite simply, means to value and to recognize that which has value—it is a way of knowing and valuing the best in life. In the language of Positive Organizational Scholarship it means a research focus—a positive bias—seeking fresh understanding of dynamics described by words like excellence, thriving, abundance, resilience, or exceptional and life-giving. In this context the word appreciate means to value those things of value—it is a mode of knowing often connected to the idea of esthetic appreciation in the arts. To appreciate also means to be grateful or thankful for—it is a way of being and maintaining a positive stance along the path of life's journey. And not incidentally, to appreciate is to increase in value too. Combining the three—appreciation as a way of knowing, as a way of being and as an increase in value– suggests that Appreciative Inquiry is simultaneously a life-centric form of study and a constructive mode of practice. As a form of study, Appreciative Inquiry focuses on searching systematically for those capacities and processes that give life and strength and possibility to a living system; and as a constructive mode of practice, it aims at designing and crafting human organizations through a process in which valuing and creating are viewed as one, and where inquiry and change are powerfully related and understood as a seamless and integral whole Leading Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry is a course dedicated to advancing our understanding and skill in leading strength-based change and on how to create, foster and manage organizations in which people thrive and perform at their best....

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6 nov. 2018

Really enjoyed this course, it was a great learning opportunity and I look forward to continuing to put the things I learned into real world practice. The concepts taught have real po

21 juil. 2019

Thank you for this excellent course. It was rigorous, robust, and very meaningful.\n\nI plan to do more work in the are of Leading Positive Change.\n\nAll the best,\n\nRob

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par Karen B

2 sept. 2017

Great learning from Ron Fry, who created Appreciative Inquiry along with Cooperider. Course goes into right level of depth. Highly recommend!

par Jeff L

24 juil. 2020

Really liked the content and the way it was taught. I would have preferred more peer reviewed assignments instead of computer reviewed.

par Valentijn d L

27 juin 2016

This course is straightforward, and at the same time deep going. the reading and available books on the topic, enable considerable in depth study. I find the work load very reasonable, still I have the impression I have learnt a lot.

par Simba

9 août 2020


par Lum P Y

29 déc. 2020

The instructor, Prof Ronald Fry, a pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), did a very good job in presenting the subject. I am very impressed by the attention placed on the foundational matters that could be missed in this hurried world. The course was practical and at the same time, Prof Fry delivered enough conceptual and theoretical grounding to ensure that the Appreciative Inquiry 4D would be done true to its intent and principles. I was particularly inspired by Prof Fry’s wisdom on “Being AI, not just Doing AI”. From that I hear in my mind, “Being a leader, not just Doing a leader.”, “Being human, not just Doing Human.”. Thank you Prof Fry!

par Aneesah W

17 mars 2021

I have audited this course for such a long period, re-reading and integrating the material until it became a daily habit. This is when I decided that I needed to get my certificate. And even once all my coursework was in, I am still referencing and integrating these practices, applying it to more and more of my life. I have recommended it to so many fellow coaches and clients as well as others who are working with people (such as mediators & attorneys doing family law) to help them change the questions they ask. Everyone needs to do AI!

par Randolph C

22 juil. 2018

So far, I have found it particularly useful in my personal life. I will be applying it as a consultant soon, and I am sure it will be successful. I do consider that AI should be used together with other tools that may handle elements such as optimism bias and conflict management, such as the teachings of Nobel Laureate in Economics Daniel Kahnemann and the difficult conversation approach of Harvard's Negotiation Project.

Prof Fry by the way is an excellent instructor. It would be fantastic to have him here in Costa Rica soon.

par Nidhi S

22 févr. 2019

This is an amazing course which impacts the learner positively and makes him able to be a leader who can bring change and drive any change in his team and ecosystem in a very positive way.

It was an enriching experience to learn fine techniques of appreciative inquiry in this course.

Thanks Coursera and most importantly thanks to Professor Ronald Fry for being an amazing teacher of this amazing course. The shine and positivity on his face in those videos was definitely a booster.


par Vipul U

28 mars 2019

Very easy to understand,practical examples ,assignments make it like on campus Instructor led program,felt like being on the campus of university.

100% I will be able to apply in my work & personal life.My colleagues & family members will also benefit from this course.Would strongly recommend to people who are aspiring to make impact & grow.

Prof Ronald Fry made it so easy to understand & follow difficult concepts.Real case studies were very informative.

par Noorudin M

25 déc. 2017

I got to know a little about Appreciative Inquiry two years ago. I was looking for a course which could help me expand my knowledge and understanding. This course was very helpful in broadening my understanding about AI and how to use it from personal and organizational development perspective. It helped me expand my understanding about leading for change using AI as a tool. A highly recommended course for managers.

par marta b a

10 févr. 2019

I can refer a lot of concept discussed in this course to my daily work and got a lot of inspiration and ideas of how to implement AI into my team and department operations. This course opened my eyes to the power of positive emotions and strengths - based change process definition. I truly believe this is the right way to approach change and transformation and assures sustainability and well-being.

par Bernard D V

12 avr. 2020

I was kind of suspicious at the beginning of the course because I was not really understanding the concept of Appreciative Inquiry. But, weeks after weeks, I realised that was really interesting and I learned some concepts that I was able to put immediatly in place. A great course with rich examples of complex situations. This course will push you to approach things differently.

par Vikram A M

21 juil. 2018

An excellent course. The course has provided me with an amply clear understanding of AI and its applications. The reading material was very good. Prof Fry's lectures were clear and to the point. Prof Fry's ability to mix practical explanation of applications and case studies helped me understand AI much better than what I knew before I had started the course. Thank you very much

par Kriswanto T

2 oct. 2020

This course is very useful to provide students or practitioners with good methods to run workshop, to lead change and to engage people for positive conversations. Highly recommended. My hope is Prof Fry can invite the students who take this course to invite us who have learnt this course for webinars to keep us updated with new skills and research in this area.

par Midhun M

21 avr. 2020

I found this course to be instrumental in bringing clarity to what AI is and how it could be applied for greater good.The assignments are just right,neither too tough nor too easy. I also loved the flow and arrangement of the weekly topics. Anyone wanting to explore an alternative approach to finding solutions would find this course to be of immense benefit.

par law k c

3 févr. 2017

This course provides a road map that creates new possibilities that is relevant on the individual level and on the organization level. This road map guides the discovery of our dreams, hopes and strengths. It guides us towards creating a shared purpose and vision. It guides us towards creating an aspiration statement and take action to fulfill the statement.

par Bill M

18 juil. 2017

This was an exceptional learning experience with techniques and tools that I found directly applicable to work situations. I found the instructors did a very effective job in breaking down and explaining the concepts. Highly recommend this course for anyone who is leading an organization, team or interested in doing any kind of transformational work.

par Simona C

13 sept. 2021

I appreciated a lot the content of the course and professor Ronald Fry. The course is very pragmatic, giving a structure for how to lead a positive change using the AI, but also the tools to do it. During the lessons, I had myself positive emotions and a the feeling that I'm at my best!

par Muralikrishna R

2 juil. 2021

A brilliant course that packs in a great deal of concepts in such a simple yet powerful way. One of the most engaging online course I have attended so far. Thank you Case Western Reserve University, Ronald Fry & Team and Coursera for coming together and creating this wonderful program.

par Mahesh P

12 nov. 2017

Fantastic learning experience in this course. Never imagined such a positive outcome was possible until I read the case studies and heard the testimonials. Also the best part was trying it on. Loved the course. Highly recommend it to everyone.

par Laura M

24 juin 2018

Great course. I definitely reccomend it to leaders, consultants, trainers. It gives you not only a very useful tool, but allows you to start changing your mindset. You can start experiencing the results on yourself since the first excercise.

par Catherine A J C

20 févr. 2020

This course is extremely useful for leading groups of people and organization to help them improve their practices and organizational behaviour. It helps those taking it to design a facilitation plan that will lead to positive change.


6 avr. 2020

Very interesting and very well presented. The course focuses on something that we all desire but do not practice. Would highly recommend this course to all and practice the learning in personal, social and professional life.

par sook h p

23 mars 2020

This was different way of solving problems in organizations. Instead of looking at what's not working, this inquiry looking at strengths while engaging all stakeholder groups to get their buy in, increasing their engagements

par Nicolas F

2 avr. 2020

One of the best courses I have done in Coursera, and the best I know to start with Positive Change and Positive Leadership Journey. Thank you Ronald F. for developing this course, and everyone in CaseWestern University.