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What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course*, you’ll design, build, and distribute your own unique application for the Android mobile platform. We’ll provide you with a set of customizable building blocks that you can assemble to create many different types of apps, and that will help you become familiar with many important specificities of Android development. When you complete the project, in addition to having a personalized app that you can use and share, you’ll have the skills and background you need to move on to more advanced coursework in Android development. What you’ll need to get started: This project-centered course is designed for learners who have some prior experience programming in Java, such as an introductory college course or Coursera’s Java Programming Specialization ( You will need a computer with a stable Internet connection, but you will not need an Android phone - we’ll use free software that you can use to emulate a phone on your computer. We'll use Android Studio as IDE; it is compatible with most computer and operating systems. You can find detailed system requirements here: *About Project-Centered Courses: Project-centered courses are designed to help you complete a personally meaningful real-world project, with your instructor and a community of learners with similar goals providing guidance and suggestions along the way. By actively applying new concepts as you learn, you’ll master the course content more efficiently; you’ll also get a head start on using the skills you gain to make positive changes in your life and career. When you complete the course, you’ll have a finished project that you’ll be proud to use and share. Time: 10 hours of study, 10 hours of active project work...

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31 juil. 2017

Very useful course! Answers all my questions, helps a lot to understand the whole process of mobile development! THANK YOU for the opportunity to gain valuable skills in such an easy way of study!


18 avr. 2016

I very much enjoyed this course. It gave a great introduction to Android programming for those who don't know any android programming to start with. I recommend this course as a place to start.

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par peddisetti s k

14 mai 2020

it is the best course beginners who are interested in app development.

par Kumar R

8 mai 2020

Excellent tutorial to get started with Android App development

I found the tutorial interesting and in plain English. The chapters have been well organized and takes you from simple Hello world App upto sending an SMS App.

The latest Android studio is completely different compared to ther version used by the Instructors. So a short vidoeo on the Old Vs New studio would do a lot of good for the beginners.

Instructors could have also included a chapter on simple Android debugging as this is one of the important skills required for App development.

par Divya K

27 sept. 2020

I was satisfied with the course but as the course is regarding the app development, I would suggest you kindly update your course because it's too old we are currently working with Android Studio 3.6 and your teaching software was very old in comparison to the latest otherwise the course was good.

par Frank R

14 févr. 2022

Sorry to say, just too outdated. Do not subscribe this course! I tried to port that course to the most recent android studio version, but it is simply not possible!

Generally spoken, the structure of the course is very good: show basic elements of a mobile app from a users's perspective, then explain how to program them in android studio and finally make the student realize his own idea and program his own app. But two impediments that make students fail:

- based on too old android studio version (Jan 2022: I did not even find the old version to download)

- The English in the videos is very difficult to understand

Conclusion: Don't waste time on this course!

par Mahitha P

22 sept. 2021

The teacher is absolutely boring. He gives sighs every 10 seconds. His voice is tooo low. The course doesn't provide detailed instructions on how to do the project. The android studio version they are using is so outdated. My emulator is not working and there is nothing mentioned in the course regarding HAXM. The transfer of the application from my PC to android device is also not happening because nothing they say is actually in my phone. They don't even provide website links properly. Only week1 was good. Week 2 is terrible.

par Tejas B

6 juin 2021

The version of software being used is outdated and the accent of the instructor is really hard to understand. This makes learning very frustrating. Since the version is outdated, following along is very difficult.

par Irfan A M

8 juin 2021

It is just waste of time. I made a big mistake by enrolling for this course.


par Oleg M

13 oct. 2021

completely outdated

par Praveen K

13 juin 2021

The course was excellent in terms of content, delivery style and structure. Really liked the teaching style of Virginia ma'am. Only one thing I would suggest as an improvement - 1. The Peer review of the graded assignment should be changed to instructor graded. As I had seen large number of students are just uploading empty solutions in order to just get the certificate. There is a cartelling going on to give good marks without merit.

2. Please also grade the quizzes of week 1, 2 and 3 so that the quiz grading reaches to 50% of total score.

par K N K

7 août 2018

It was a very useful course especially for beginners who are interested in android development and don't know how to start. Basic blocks are clearly mentioned. But one problem is that, the android studio is outdated and initially some errors can be encountered which are not explained. Instant replies from the instructors are not available. But the errors can be resolved by our own which in my case I did and I learnt from it. Basic blocks building is very useful. Overall I am happy taking this course.

par Prateek n r

25 juin 2018

The course got me interested in android apps development. The course lets you get you create your application quite quickly and even if you know basic java only and have seen java swing at work. you will be able to understand all of the course lessons. Overall it was a great experience learning from this course. I hope they would have added more projects but it is still enough to get you started. BEST THING about the study material was how concise it was. Absolutely loved it.

par Naman C

20 juil. 2020

The course was awesome and very proficient to understand. I am so happy that I took this course and now I can proudly say that I can also create android applications. The instructor also did a very good job in explaining the course topics and gave a full hands on experience along with theoretical concepts of Android Application Development.

Thanks a lot Coursera for providing such a course to us students.

par Umair A

14 sept. 2020

It is a great course for beginners and gives lot of learning on how to kick-start with Android based Mobile Application Development. I am grateful to the instructors for their detailed and well explained presentations which greatly helped me in quickly grasping the concepts and move forward to the next phases. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Coursera!

par Muskan J

17 juin 2020

Amazing experience it was. I really enjoyed learning with coursera . Thanks Coursera , it was my first time and i,m love with you. But please try to make your certificate more elaborate like I made an android app with good scored in all assignment , but there is no grade and project name nothing mentioned in certificate .

par Baby1 C

23 nov. 2017

it was amazing time working and studying in addition to my job, and the bad situation with a few hours of electricity in my country Syria, thank you all my friends to give me this chance, i will promise you, i will teach all people need learning android for free as you do for me, all love and respect from me as Syrian.

par Michelle L

11 juin 2020

I started out this course with no knowledge on how to build my first android application, but at the end of the course, I am now able to build the most basics of mobile android applications. And with further practice, I will hopefully be able to utilize the skills I learned today for a better output in what's to come.

par Ярослава К

8 mai 2018

An excellent course! Everything is explained very good and can be understood easily. This course suits good for the very beginners, who don't even know what project he or she wants to develop. Besides, if you already have an idea for your app, the course will serve a good start point for you as well.

par Datta _

19 juin 2020

Great Experience and feeling so good as I've learnt how to develop apps and I'm so much interested in learning Android application development using Android Studio and this course by Centralesupélec Institute provided me an opportunity to learn such a course. I'd like to thank them for this.

par Romzy M M

23 avr. 2020

This course is really accelerate my android programming skill. I thought I'm pretty late joining android programming world and this course is giving me a good foundation to learning further. Thank you CentraleSupélec for the great course and Coursera to make this happen.

par Jayesh B

14 sept. 2020

Best course to get started with Android Development if you have the basic knowledge of Java Programming, The overall course is great, The assignments and quizzes are very helpful. Definitely recommended for the peoples who wants to learn android development using Java.

par Kim S C

27 juin 2020

It was fun to learn regardless of me not knowing how to use android studio at all. The only problem was that the video android studio and latest versions were different therefore I wish that the videos could be updated>

par L I

26 janv. 2018

Great course to get hands on the very basics of Android. I'd love to see more building blocks like using the camera or using a bit of more complex concepts such as broadcast receivers and services. Anyways great job!

par Saqib H

7 oct. 2020

Very good course to learn making basic apps in Java. Recommendation for all the beginners. The instructor teaches some good hand on experience app that can be remade and then later on source code is also provided.

par Nikkolai O

3 mai 2020

I really enjoyed this course, I learnt a lot! It was presented in a nice way which leaves a lot of room for self study and research. It was a very rewarding experience, and would definitely recommend this course


22 août 2021

Course worth completing, if you are planning to kickstart your journey with android dev. then give this course a try as the course helped me to understand the basics involved and I'm sure it will help you too.