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Using publicly available data from NASA of actual satellite observations of astronomical x-ray sources, we explore some of the mysteries of the cosmos, including neutron stars, black holes, quasars and supernovae. We will analyze energy spectra and time series data to understand how these incredible objects work. We utilize an imaging tool called DS9 to explore the amazing diversity of astronomical observations that have made x-ray astronomy one of the most active and exciting fields of scientific investigation in the past 50 years. Each week we will explore a different facet of x-ray astronomy. Beginning with an introduction to the nature of image formation, we then move on to examples of how our imaging program, DS9, can aid our understanding of real satellite data. You will using the actual data that scientists use when doing their work. Nothing is "canned". You will be able to appreciate the excitement that astronomers felt when they made their important discoveries concerning periodic binary x-ray sources, supernovae and their remnants, and extragalactic sources that have shaped our understanding of cosmology....

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11 juil. 2017

Excellent professor ,made a dummy like me understand...Also I had no problem understanding him, even though English is not my native language... Very interesting subject, well explained. Recommended


25 mai 2018

We learned this fantastic method for analyzing astronomical images using ds9. Dr. Matilsky is a great teacher, he made the difficult topics fun and correctly showed how to solve the problems.

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par Hamza A

24 mai 2020

i wanna yo ser Terry Matilsky for this massive cours .it's very useful.thak you

par Aashish G

17 juil. 2017

Good course. Great data given to work on. Excellent instructor.

par Thomas M

14 août 2019

Enjoyed this class and learned more than I hoped for.

par Steve B

12 oct. 2018

Use of DS9 tool to explain the science is spot on !

par Richard A F

11 avr. 2020

Any chance of "Analyzing the Universe II" ?

par Andre L

1 févr. 2020

Loved this course didn't want it to end.

par Dr. D S

20 nov. 2019

One of the best online courses I know!

par Sagar S

19 oct. 2018

Awesome with ds9 tutorial.

par Shubham M A

24 mai 2020

very good course

par Yash G

16 mars 2018


par Vaibhav S

12 juin 2017


par Joyce C

3 déc. 2020

The content is interesting, and I enjoy doing the homework and exploring galactic objects with DS9. However, I would think this course is more difficult than other beginner astrophysics course that I have completed in coursera/Edx, due to the fact that some concepts were not fully explained in the video. A.K.A. it requires some background knowledge of basic astrophysics principles. Luckily I did, so I was able to pass all the tests. Might be quite difficult for a true beginner. Another tip is to play the videos in 1.25-1.5x speed, as Professor speaks slowly (but clearly). The "reading" time of the wiki sections is also much longer than other courses, which requires some effort of concentration. The course might benefit from converting some reading materials to videos so that students can understand and concentrate better. Overall, it has been an intriguing and fun 6 weeks!

par Steve P

15 sept. 2020

Overall I was satisfied with this course. It though me some fundamental ways to use the data to calculate and identify the size and distance of stars/galaxies which I enjoyed very much, but I had a few issues too. some parts of this course were not explained in detail enough and other parts I thought it spent too much time on. I also had issues with DS9 especially using DS9 to answer questions in the test is very time consuming and few functions did not work (I got Failed!) on my computer, I was unable to provide the proper answer on those few questions. That was frustrating.

par Joy S

29 mai 2019

This professor is an interesting character. Course uses software that, while I was able to download it, froze on my computer.

par Akshay K

9 janv. 2018

Great Course for first steps in analyzing the universe

par Shreyam K

17 sept. 2017

Good intro to DS9

par Jonathan G

28 mars 2018

Fascinating but way too much math

par Pupper E

12 nov. 2021

As a computer science student interested in astronomy/astrophysics, not once in the entire duration of the course did I feel why am I learning this. 10/10 recommended even if you have 0 interest in astronomy/astrophysics. Prof Terry has done an impeccable job structuring the course so that you don't feel threatened by the math involved. The course is not only very informative, but also very inquisitive, entertaining and tugs on the existential questions about our universe.


25 juil. 2020

Thank you, Dr Matilsky, for a fabulous course. I just loved the use of DS9 to analyze real instrument data from Chandra. The amount of math required was great. I probably could've handled even more math since I have a BS in physics but that's fine. I also like the quizzes because they helped me apply and test the learnings from the video and reading. I hope you develop another course because I'll be first in line to take it. Wishing you good health. All the best -- Sridhar

par tom w

11 déc. 2020

An excellent review of some basic astronomy concepts, stellar evolution and X-ray astronomy. The discussions of X-ray astronomy are significantly enhanced using the ds9 software to analyze Chandra X-ray imagery. Professor Matilsky is very interesting and entertaining. He put together an excellent course that provides a challenging and rewarding experience that you will look forward to each day as you progress through course materials.

par shubham j

10 juil. 2020

The best coursera MOOC I have completed so far. Introduction to ds9 was a treat and really feels like a very valuable asset to go ahead with astronomy. Prof. Terry's antiques and enthusiasm for the subject made me come back to the course much more frequently than was required. Very grateful for this course.

par Abhishek R

1 déc. 2020

This is for those who loves Astronomy and wanna go deeper into the subject, this course particularly revolves around X-ray astronomy and analyzing the universe in x-ray frequency using a wonderful tool called DS9 which carry the observations of NASA's chandra X-ray observatory.

par Riddhi M J

1 août 2020

I just loved the way Terry Sir taught each and every concept from basics to a practical level. I hope to learn more from you sir. Thank you so much. This course has increased my interest even more in exploring astronomical objects and phenomena.


25 juil. 2022

Exceptionally excellent course.

Prof. Matilsky has put forward the taste of the astronomical world from the very basics that even a beginner like me can start from scrapes. Would love to learn through other courses from Prof Matilsky.

par Deniz K

25 sept. 2020

This course helped me to remind some topics and taught lots of new things in the broad areas of astronomy. I feel I took a good step for my future astronomy career thanks to Dr. Matilsky so thank you.