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This course will give you a glimpse into six different areas of American law: Tort Law, Contract Law, Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. You will gain insight into the complexities and dilemmas that arise from the application of law in different settings, and what is distinctive about American approaches....

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16 sept. 2018

I enjoyed this course and it helped me to understand the basic parts of American Law. My only suggestion is to provide even more cases as examples to demonstrate the doctrines and statutes. Thank you.

9 avr. 2020

A great first step on understanding the basic principles of American Law, providing an insight into impact on the systems we encounter on a daily basis and how these systems have developed over time.

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par Victoria M

4 août 2020

Excellent because each instructor taught the course by first giving an historical introduction to ground the lessons on concrete facts. Then these professors took us step by step to the current state of our laws. In some subjects evolutionary faults within a particular type of law were mentioned. I found it very helpful to be made aware of the many problems that currently exist in our legal system, how we have gotten to this point, what the original intent of a body of law was to the history of those laws and what the framers of our constitution had in mind in drafting it.

par Najma M

6 nov. 2020

I really enjoyed this course and the professors who taught them. I will go to law school with a better understanding of the American Legal System as a whole. The 6 courses that were taught are definitely taught first year of law school which was wonderful because now, when I start my legal education I won't feel lost of some of the key terminology being used because I have already learned from Coursera and Penn Law. I will definitely recommend people who are interested in any area of the law to take this course to get an exposure of the legal system in general.


3 oct. 2020

As a continental (Spanish) lawyer, I've always been very interested on trying to learn more about the Common Law system, especially about the American law, which, even though it's a very young legal system, in comparison with the European one, has influenced so much the way we work in Europe, especially when it comes to work with contracts, Considering the difficulty of summarizing such a broad subject, the teachers of the course succeed by going straight to the main points and on structuring the syllabus on a very appropriate way. Congratulations

par Aaron F V

8 juin 2020

For a foreign law student, this course is in essence what it´s supposed to be: a basic introduction to the pillars of the American legal system. The professors chosen give sufficient information on each of the topic sections for us to have a basic view of the distinct areas, and we are provided with additional readings to further enhance our knowledge. I would recommend this course for anyone that, like myself, has interests in learning a bit more about this particular topic.

par julio e c g

23 mars 2020

Respetados Profesores. Y prestigiosa Universidad de Pennsylvania. Aprecio sus valiosas enseñanzas lo cual incluye los foros. Coursera es una plataforma muy pedagógica. Muy querido en conocer sobre el Americano. Pienso en muchas personas y amigos, como haces con el mismo acerca de la importancia de este curso. Tiene una plataforma muy amigable y muy buenos profesores con gran sentido pragmático y sabiduría. Muchas Gracias- Mi admiración. Julio Ernesto Cepeda

par Max C

30 avr. 2017

Great introductory material given by six fantastic professors at the University of Pennsylvania. Good amount of information and delivered at the right pace to keep the flow interesting. Facts and examples used all kept the interest levels high. Easy to follow. And for the record, this is from an Engineer with only limited previous knowledge and dealings in contract law. This was taken in the journey to expand my commercial knowledge. Good job, thanks.

par Beatriz O B

15 avr. 2017

The present course was a unique opportunity to learn the basis of American Law for those who study this field. I find the material was excellent and easy to understand to a student who has english as her second language. Moreover, the professors couldn't be better qualified to the lectures. This course broad my horizons in a way that I could not only compare Brazilian Law to American law, but understand the importance to study different Law Systems.

par Corinne S

27 mars 2016

This is a great way to run a MOOC. Each module has an instructor specialized in that area of law. They all explain things clearly and with many examples. I was completely unfamiliar with the different types of law that are used in the civil and criminal court system before this case. Now I feel like I have a grasp on the basics and am looking forward to talking more law classes. Great class to take! Highly recommended

par A K W

3 avr. 2020

Doing this course was time well spent. I enjoyed each module and all the quizzes and even the final exam. All the educators were knowledgeable and great at explaining things. Amidst all this corona virus induced craziness your course was a retreat. I also hope I will understand American Law better now. Thank you very much for this opportunity to experience high quality teaching and access to great materials.

par Edlira H

5 févr. 2020

This was the best course I have ever taken. When you learn you don't feel tired at all because it is very entertaining and interactive. The professors are very clear whey they explain and having them explained with case laws is more comprehensive. The videos are very interesting, you can listen them whenever you want. It is just perfect. You really reach to get the first knowledge of American Law.

par Melpo K

15 mai 2020

I very much enjoyed the course as a whole. Being a high school student myself I thought that it would be very difficult for me to complete. Nevertheless, by dedicating a couple of hours every day I managed to complete it successfully. The professors provided very interesting lectures and the course overall provided me with great knowledge and indeed a thorough introduction to American Law.

par Abubakar a

26 mai 2020

it is amazing course, and the contents of the course is fit for the its name, I learned allot through this course, so I would like to thanks the team of coursera and University of Pennsylvania, specially professors delivering this course, thanks for all of you.

I will be one of the costumers of coursera, and courses delivered by Penn University.

your sincerely

Abubakar Ahmed Ali

par Bhumi G

31 déc. 2017

I learned that there are different laws and actions for different situations. I thought there was one law for everything. I found this very intriguing. The tort law though was the one I found the most interesting. The teacher was extremely engaging, everything in the content was interesting, valuable and informative. I wasn't confused a bit. The criminal law was very compulsive as well.

par Clay S

23 janv. 2016

I am a first year law student. This course is great as an introduction, as its title advertises. My only complaint is that the introduction is so shallow. Each professor gave about one hour of lecture, split into shorter videos. Even doubling the amount of material to two hours per subject would be phenomenally helpful and not require a great, extra effort on the part of the profs.

par Amisha S

16 déc. 2018

Thank you for making this course available online. The fact that I am learning from such a prestigious college and amazing teachers makes me feel really happy. That you for coming online and making hundreds educated. It's my dream to study in America and study American Law. This is the first step to my dream ladder. So, thank you so much. You are making someone's dream come true.

par Emily T

11 juin 2017

I quite enjoyed everything about this course. Having mini-quizzes during each section of the lecture really helped refocus and emphasize the important points of each video, and the professors, with the exception of one, were interesting an did a great job at making the introductory lessons interesting. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking about going to law school.

par Vivian O

19 déc. 2018

With no knowledge in law, this course has provided me with an excellent foundation I needed to understand American law and to pursue a legal career path in the future. The course layout/delivery, testing system, adept professors and mentor all gave me a profound and an insightful online learning experience. Looking forward to more amazing learning experience with UPenn.

par Thomas C

21 juin 2017

This course is a wonderful overview of the curriculum that first year law students study across the country. I highly recommend it to anybody interested in law school. The teachers are knowledgeable and easy to understand and they make great use of the online format on Coursera. UPenn also has a standalone course on Constitutional Law that you should check out.

par Pedro D

29 août 2020

Great opportunity for international undergraduates to start understading how is American Law diverse and singular in its institutions. It consists of an essential starting point for young students to provoke an invite them to learn about such an interest country's set of principles and rules guided by their tradition of common law and historic justifications.

par Ilya L

3 janv. 2016

I gained infinite pleasure from listening and relistening to the beautiful sound of legal English spoken by lawyers.

As I work with people from Great Britain and the USA, I gained some skill of using legal terms to explain more acurately differences between common law system, particularly in the USA, and the legal system of my country.

Thanks you very much!

par Celso C

8 juin 2020

As a latin american educated lawyer, this introductory course to American Law has given me the opportunity to understand and have a broad idea of the basics aspects of American Law and how the legal system is organized. I truly recommend this course to all the lawyers educated abroad, to get to know better the American Legal system and it's institutions.

par Edgar A

26 juin 2017

This is a great course. I go everywhere now knowing that the law is the same for when I was also taking my real estate license it's just unfortunate that this certificate does not offer college credit as I believe it should but you can put it on the resume as I have because why not I paid for it to learn American Law. All in all, this is a great course.

par Lam A T

25 août 2020

This course really help me a lot in understanding the basic of America law , the professor make it really easy to understand with great example , i just wish he got more of it . Overall this course is excellent ,i really enjoy it and i would definitely recommended it to anyone who interested. Many thanks to the professor and his team working on this .

par Julia Y

30 mars 2017

Loved this course, definitely great for beginners who don't have much of a background in law. Introduces concepts effectively and describes concepts and terminology exceptionally. The workload is very light and assessments are very short, but in depth and challenging (to some extent). I would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in law.