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The course covers basic algorithmic techniques and ideas for computational problems arising frequently in practical applications: sorting and searching, divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming. We will learn a lot of theory: how to sort data and how it helps for searching; how to break a large problem into pieces and solve them recursively; when it makes sense to proceed greedily; how dynamic programming is used in genomic studies. You will practice solving computational problems, designing new algorithms, and implementing solutions efficiently (so that they run in less than a second). Do you have technical problems? Write to us:

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Jan 20, 2017

I liked the fact that the algorithms are not just the introductory searching and sorting algorithms. The assignments are fairly difficult (I have decent scripting experience), but not impossibly so.


Sep 29, 2017

good course, I like the fact you can use a lot of languages for you programming exercises, the content is really helpful, I would like to have more indications from the grading system to save time.

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par Daniel

Nov 04, 2017

This is a very good course. It is very difficult at first so I had to do it twice to complete it. It helps if you try to visualise the algorithms in your head, do them on paper and then try to write the pseudo code so it prints out all the steps that is being done.

par Samantha K

May 15, 2016

I would've never forced myself to learn to think recursively if it weren't for this course. As someone from a mechanical engineering discipline, with a minimal background in java programming, i was able to following along with this course and complete all assignments. The discussion boards and professor's lectures were particularly helpful along with the fact that I could download everything for viewing offline.

par Alejandro R

Sep 02, 2016

Great course! Helped me a lot, courses taught this well keep me motivated!

par Akshay M

Oct 29, 2016

A great course for beginners. I learnt a lot of new things from the course especially the really efficient and much needed algorithmic techniques. Had great fun!!

par Christopher B

Aug 02, 2016

I love the fact that this course is language agnostic and really lets you learn about the underlying algorithms that make our software run faster. It is challenging, but definitely worth it if you are fond of a specific language!

par Chenglei S

Jul 01, 2018

Good practice assignments.

par Le D N K

Jun 19, 2016

Nice course, learned a lot from it.

par Huy V

Jul 06, 2016

Awesome course, awesome algorithms!

par Karan R S

Jul 24, 2016

My programming and algorithm design greatly improved after taking this course. Through the advanced problem sets I was able to appreciate the finer aspects of efficient algorithm designing and I'm sure that I'll improve a lot with courses to come.

I would definitely recommend this course to any one who wishes to improve his/her skill set for designing efficient algorithms.

par Chaoguang L

Sep 05, 2017

Great courses and assignments. Learn a lot from them.

par Omar M R

Mar 26, 2017

Very good course!! Totally recommended! It takes you from the basics to more advanced topics. They will demonstrate why it's very important know and apply different approaches for algorithmic problems.


Feb 19, 2017

good course, thank you very much.

par L.Pavan K

Jan 11, 2017

very nice

par Clement R

Nov 07, 2016

Awesome course. Well explained with lots of examples.

The must see if interested about the basics of algorithmic.

par Yao Z

Sep 19, 2017

Thank you for offering this awesome class.

par Suryakanta M

Jun 20, 2016

It's a great course which helped me in a greater extent to enhance my concept in Algorithm.

par Sanskar K

Nov 14, 2017

Excellent set of programming exercises and requires some effort on the learner's part. A very good and well-defined course.

par Kumoyo M

Mar 26, 2017

Solid! Key for anyone wanting that strong computing foundation independent of programming language

par Thanh N

Jul 04, 2017

Very practical and challenging course

par Luis S

Jan 26, 2018

Really helpful!.

par mohd d k

Mar 09, 2018

This is a good course for revising algorithms fundamentals.

par Потапов А И

Jul 12, 2017

Все понравилось.

par Nguyen M C

Oct 19, 2016

I think this course is pretty interesting!

par Sergei D

Dec 17, 2016

Everything was super. Extremely useful course.

par Vipin K

Dec 07, 2016

i don't know how to say thanks to you