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This course will establish you as an expert in Meta Ads Manager. Learn how to structure campaigns in Ads Manager by selecting ad objectives, target audience, budget, and placement that fit your unique goals. Learn to create and manage ads across Facebook and Instagram and evaluate and optimize the results of your Ads Manager campaigns. You will end the course by creating an actual ad campaign in Ads Manager to expand not only your knowledge, but your social media marketing portfolio. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Structure campaigns in Meta Ads Manager • Identify the major components and elements of an ad in Meta Ads Manager • Build an ad that aligns with your marketing objectives and target it to your intended audience • Set a budget, placement, and schedule for your ads in Meta Ads Manager • Edit and troubleshoot your ads in Meta Ads Manager This course is intended for people who want to learn how to use Meta Ads Manager to create, manage and optimize campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Learners don't need marketing experience, but they have basic internet navigation skills and are eager to participate and connect in social media. Learners must have a Facebook account and an Instagram account helps. Ideally, learners have already completed the four previous courses in this program....

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18 oct. 2021

Exceptionally comprehensive and instructive. Gives very good over view of Facebook universe, campaign designing, objective, creative formats, analytics etc. Daniel is especially good. Great going.


9 févr. 2021

The Course content has in-depth insights regarding the use of Facebook ads for advertisement. The instructor's guidance and ease of concept illustration have been helpful in the learning process.

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par Josue M

19 nov. 2020

Great course!


18 nov. 2020


par Chantel C

8 déc. 2020

Good class but thought it could have been shorter and more engaging like the other classes in the certificate program.

par Claire W

13 mai 2021

Found this one a bit long winded and dull. It is hard to understand a system without trying it.

par Natalie g

12 janv. 2021

this is the WORST program I have ever engaged with online. The content is fine and I would love to give it a good rating but support and communication/customer service is so bad, I will not give this program a good rating. zero help zero communication about technical glitched etc. I am so angry about this I plan to tell everyone. Maybe next time you won't start a professional certification without actually having the courses available and working out the glitches. Just terrible

par Jamie M

5 avr. 2021

Garbage useless waste of time

par Zachary D

15 août 2021

liked the lady better

par MAMC M

22 mai 2021

Hi Team,

First, thank you all the instructors for this wonderful course experience. It's been a long journey. Learned a lot (really a lot). Btw, just a small suggestion. Please help learners understand how to implement their Facebook Pixel correctly. Thanks to the course I initiated my first Facebook Pixel for the website of the company I work on. And it wasn't easy as thought. I know it will lengthen the course duration but it will help other learners a lot. Thank you Coursera, Thank you Daniel and everyone who are working on backstage. You guys are doing an awesome job!!

par Michelle B

11 mai 2021

Another great course - thoroughly enjoyed the content. Had a lot of fun doing the simulated build of an ad in week #5 - has left me feeling a lot more confident in trying this out on my own in FB for creating ads to promote my own personal blog and for work in the not too distant future. I also like the fact that there's a much longer exam to give students a better idea of what to expect when it comes down to taking the exam for the certificate once we've finished all six courses.

par Bob M

14 févr. 2022

This course module was exactly what I was looking for to understand the Ads Manager components, ie. the campaign structure and the individual components inside each. Understanding the different compaign objectives, Placements, ad formats, automatic placements option vs manual placements, bid strategy and strategies gave me a great basic understanding of FB marketing to feel more confident with my FB marketing objectives. Thank you very much. A great course.

par Moshope A

9 mai 2022

This course was absolutely wonderful. I learned so many new things that I'd never known before about Facebook advertising. Through this course, I was able to understand many things about Facebook Ads Manager and advertising on Facebook such as the Facebook Ad auction, Facebook bidding strategies, choosing your target audience, campaign optimization and setting up Facebook Ads from the first step (campaign), the second step (Ad sets) to the last step (Ads).

par María F R M

23 févr. 2021

Very useful. Recommend to anyone that wants to learn about how to develop a facebook advertising campaign for a business and evaluate the results. It is very complete, straightforward, clear, and challenging but not very difficult. Makes every concept easy to understand. However if you don't like learning about marketing or communications, you're probably not going to enjoy the course.

par Anuraj D

17 mars 2021

Best Course Ever with full of practical Knowledge. I love this course really because this course gives me a clear understanding of Social Media Marketing and now I'm very confident to pursue my career as a social media marketer and I would like to thanks the Instructors and the Coursera team who puts all possible efforts to share this course with us. Thank you so much!!

par Rhea M

19 juil. 2021

It's very instructional. This course helps me to understand in details how the Facebook Ads Manager works. The modules are very instructional. I learned all the knowledge that I need to manage an Ad. From setting up the campaign objective, targeting audience, and how the budgeting works for an Ad. It helps me to be ready for a new career.

par Tran T T N

26 juin 2021

A great course by Facebook and Coursera. I've been running ads my Facebook business page for several months, but I felt like something was wrong, and I'm so happy to find this course because it taught me all the basic things I need to run ads on Facebook. Sure I'll need some more time to experiment, but this is a good start!

par Geeta K

22 oct. 2021

I learnt a lot from this course. I had little knowledge of facebook and doesn't use it much.

This course was good and very helpful in creating campaigns to measure and optimize your campaign.

After this course I am fully confident that soon I will reach my goal and get a job in Social Media management.

par Ionela G

2 juil. 2022

A very useful course, which helped me understand the platform much better. I learned a lot of new things. I liked that I also had a practical part, although I would have liked there to be more practical situations. I liked that at the end of each lesson it was a little quiz.

par Friedrich R

6 déc. 2020

This course really went in-depth with explaining all the intricacies of Facebook's advertising features and infrastructure, and provided truly great insights as to how to utilize the information to suit whatever marketing goals one has using Facebook as the main platform.

par Ali F

21 juil. 2021

This is the most detailed course on facebook advertising i have ever seen. Highly recomended for beginners. Not only they have explained every single step of ads manager, in the last module you even get hands-on experience. which i think is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

par Shingirayi I S

5 avr. 2021

I enjoyed this course so much. Daniel Kob's teaching style and the way he structured the course was flawless. It made everything flow building concept upon concept and was easy to understand. Thank you for the hard work you put into creating such a great course.

par Diana S F

12 mars 2021

Lots of content that deliver all the theory and prepare us for putting it all together in a real campaign. It is possible to create alternatives based on objectives and go for trial and error until we gain the confidence to change all settings, if necessary.

par Regina H

1 févr. 2021

Great course! I wish we would have spent more time on campaign budget optimization and bidding strategies, but otherwise, it's very comprehensive. Some of the quizzes were broken, so I had to take a few multiple times, but it's good practice!

par Rebecca O

25 juin 2022

I love how basic but still provide enough information to learn the foundation of Facebook advertising. Every module is not complicated for beginners to understand and will not bombard you with a lot of complicated jargon to teach us.

par Shivani B

29 janv. 2022

The course has it all to prepare you well for what unfolds in terms of advertising of one of the most revenue oriented and popular social media ads platform.

There are many details to get and together the flow maintained is fabulous.

par Saurabh A

17 févr. 2021

This was very rigorous among all 4 and provided great insights about using the Facebook ads manager. If you are someone who has challenges in using adds manager as per your business objective or want to lean it, You must do it.