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Design is the first phase in the digital manufacturing process. In this course, through a series of lectures and hands-on lessons, we’ll examine a designer’s approach to the design and manufacturing process—from concept to 3D model. We’ll start by applying design thinking to understand user needs, and then we’ll explore design criteria as we dive deeper into Autodesk® Fusion 360™ sketching, modeling, rendering, and documentation features....

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Aug 26, 2020

A really good course. enjoyed building a quadcopter 265 series and plus built my own in the assignment process. well, detailed component selection. will recommend for advanced lessons.


Nov 12, 2019

Very helpful course to get around the basics of using Autodesk Fusion 360 and also had lots of information on how to approach a problem and come up with a plausible solution.

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par Ziad A

Nov 11, 2019

I learned good techniques in 3D modeling but the thing is that the course is focused in Drone designing which was not what I applied for or wanted to learn and it took a great deal for the course. Also the peer-graded assignment was a problem because it took too long for someone to review my assignment and I waited for 2 weeks after I finished everything.

par martin F

Aug 26, 2018

My worst coursera experience ever, totally off topic, is about selecting drone components and not 3D modeling, confused curriculum. And, after finishing the course assignment following the instructions you fill find once you want to submit your work a total different instructions. The boring and confused course and assignment are probably the reasons that nobody has finished this course, I have been waiting for days now to review peers' submissions, in vain. Thus I can't finish the course.

par Michele C

Jan 16, 2019

Overall verey good even if I am not too much interested on drone and technical characteristics of the components. Therefore, for example, the part concerning different technical specifications of the batteries or of the flight functions, I have not found them useful for the Autodesk learning course.

All the rest, however, was handled in an appropriate and useful way.

Thank you

par Jobson G B A

Oct 25, 2018

The course was pretty good. Only the final assignment was a bit too much for the average student, but for engineers, it's exactly what we're expected to do. Maybe if it provided more instructions, other students wouldn't present that many low effort works.

par Jon W

Apr 18, 2020

Overall, this course focused very much on drone design and applicable component selection, and not as heavily on the use of the software to produce a variety of geometries. The drone did serve as a good practice project, but the emphasis was on educated parts shopping, especially in the first week and the final assignment's design criteria.

While valuable skills were taught - such as writing and understanding design criteria, making good design choices as informed by available pre-made components, ensuring both their function and compatibility, and accommodating their physical dimensions while proceeding with drafting a model - they would be better fit into a course named for drone design or electronics design, specifically.

Learners following the 5 course F360 specialization, hoping to improve their savvy in the software, may find 2 out of 4 weeks of this syllabus to be a slog.


Aug 08, 2020

Woah! I have come so far to be able to design such an amazing 3d designs with the help of this course which helps me to improve myself and helped me to improve my basic skills and knowledge and ideas to make that happen! This course will help you in every walk of your life. It will teach you creative and fascinating ideas and designs that will make your interest more in 3d model designs amd also helps you in future scoop as well. Thanks for giving such an opportunity to go through this interesting course. I will say to all the beginners that this course will gonna help you alot that can never imagine before! Please look forward to this course! And atlast thank you very much for this opportunity!

par Dustin P

Nov 21, 2019

In this course, the tools and workflow finally started to make sense. I was able to intuitively switch between sketches, project geometry into sketches, work with fillets, lofts, piping, extrude cuts etc. It all started coming together. One thing that helped me get through the video lessons was to speed up playback speed to +75%. At this pace I could better stay focused on the content and get through the material faster.

par Laura S P V

Mar 28, 2019

Great content! I really liked to design my own dron using the course knowledge aquired and my own experience in design. I would recommend to update the method of teaching since it is a simple slide presentation class. I´d suggest to leaverage the making of animated or interactive videos but taking into consideration that they do not apply to every session content, instead, using other innovative teaching techniques.

par Nada A A

May 09, 2019

The course was really helpful. It teaches me a lot. It teaches me not only in the subject of CAD and design process, but also in the subject of electronic component selection. Additionally, the course had encouraged me to try applying the design concepts learnt in making other products such as electric car or humanoid robot body. The course was great, and the instructor was clear and focused.

par Sam H

Apr 19, 2018

The video tutorials are great, but the end assignment is a bit confusing, it almost solely focused on the components rather than the design and the 3d modelling (even though there a few points on the design). It took me a while to figure out what was required, as I didn't receive a response to my questions before the deadline of the assignment. But all in all it was a good learning experience!

par Federico G d C

Dec 05, 2018

The drone was a good practice to lean basic and intermediate skills, but should avoid the component selection, there are more people like me with no interest in drones.

par Jerry C

Nov 24, 2018

Great course materials for creating 3D models in Fusion 360. But I wish it could focus more on 3D model design rather then learning the specs of the drone.

par Lev G

Feb 11, 2019

The last task is huge (definitely not 2 hrs), and most of the students just try to cheat.

par Dmitry B

Jan 08, 2019

Great course, but 30% electronic calculations off-topic.

par David M

Aug 18, 2020

The course was very helpful with providing knowledge on how to use Fusion 360 for model design. Originally, I felt like the final project was a bit out in the weeds, with its emphasis on components and design criteria considering a drone. After giving my stance some thought, I believe the real point of the final project is to showcase the flexibility of Fusion 360 to make the design and engineering process parallel processes vs. linear processes.

A word to future students: Please be ready to spend some meaningful time on the final project. I reviewed many submissions whose authors obviously didn't read the criteria, or didn't care to put in the work. To perform even minimally well, this isn't necessarily an easy course. You need to do your research when it comes to components, and you need to be ready to run the numbers (especially when it comes to battery selection).

Lastly, don't sell yourself short, and don't give into peer pressure to give full marks to someone who didn't even do the work. But in the same breath, be sure to pay enough attention when you review peers to properly evaluate their work (I had someone comment that they wanted more info regarding thrust to current draw for a motor, when I linked to a graph that literally was thrust vs. current draw! Clearly they out as much effort into reviewing my project as they put into theirs!) Help maintain the integrity of the courses. I really believe this is a good way to skill up and explore now knowledge, and even find a new career path. Good luck, and be well!

par Sahil S

Aug 13, 2020

Amazing course !! It not only teaches you to create models in fusion 360 but also makes you rethink the design to meet the performance parameters. It makes you realize that designing is not only making aesthetically pleasing models. It's more than that. You need to consider the design criteria and parameters to make the ends meet. I learned more from this course than I initially expected. Thank you Coursera and Autodesk !!

par Upputuri R C

Jul 13, 2019

I've learned new lessons. It teaches me a lot. It teaches me lot in the subject of CAD and design process, also in the subject of electronics.Also, the course had encouraged me to try applying the design concepts learnt in making other products like HPV's, cars, bikes. The course was great, and the instructor was clear and focused. This course helps me a lot.

par Ajay S

Jun 07, 2019

one of the best courses to learn on internet.

other courses will teach how to use tools and create a CAD file.

But in this one in particular, I learned how to design a drone along with the calculations and the forces that acts on a drone during flight.

Like thrust created by motor.

and the other electronics used to fly a drone

par Kavin P

May 07, 2020

This well crafted and perfectly instructed course is the best way to learn modelling with Fusion 360 - with a Project-based learning Concept. The method of instruction used is also amazing! After this course, I find myself confident take on any designing project which requires polished skills.

par Richard L D

Jun 11, 2020

Although at first week may seem like a drag, it is very educational. At times I found the instructor talking too much than he was suppose to finding myself speeding up the class video. Very good course in teaching you how to build a drone from sketch to a 3D solid Model

par Rohan B

Apr 19, 2020

Very nice course on autodesk fusion 360. It helped me to improve my skills about 3D designing approach and now by doing this course I can elaborate my knowledge and skills. This course is really fantastic for all those who want learn about industrial design.

par Gautham G P

Jul 29, 2020

The course instructor is really good and the course is based on an application that gave a lot of insight into it. The final assignment is a bit challenging for beginners in the field drone design, but it was an excellent course and served its purpose.

par Varun S

Apr 20, 2019

Thanks to the Autodesk Education team for building such an informative course on Fusion 360 model Creation in 3D. The hands-on project helped a lot in understanding design concepts and most importantly the design approach to a complex product.

par V V S P

Sep 03, 2020

A really well structured course. Rarely do courses cover such topics in detail. Highly recommend anyone who is interested to get a feel of how the whole design process of a product goes about to take this course.

par abhishek r

Aug 26, 2020

A really good course. enjoyed building a quadcopter 265 series and plus built my own in the assignment process. well, detailed component selection. will recommend for advanced lessons.