Andrei Ustyuzhanin

Head of Laboratory for Methods of Big Data Analysis


Dr. Andrey Ustyuzhanin is the head of Yandex-CERN joint projects as well as the head of Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis at NRU HSE. His team is the member of frontier research international collaborations: LHCb - collaboration at Large Hadron Collider, SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles) - experiment being designed for the New Physics discovery. His group is unique for both collaborations, since majority of the team members are coming from the Computer and Data Science worlds. The major priority of his research is the design of new Machine Learning methods and using them to solve tough scientific enigmas thus improving the fundamental understanding of our world. Discovering the deeper truth about the Universe by applying data analysis methods is the major source of inspiration in his lifelong journey. Andrey is co-author of the course on the Machine Learning applied to the High Energy Physics at Yandex School of Data Analysis and organizes annual international summer schools following the similar set of topics.