<p>Dmitry Altukhov is a PhD student at Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. <br>He holds Master degree in Mathematics from the Moscow State University.<br>His highest overall rank at Kaggle is <strong>6</strong>.</p> <p>Top positions in international data analysis competitions:</p> <p><br><strong>3rd</strong>/2226 teams on <em>Springleaf Marketing Response</em>,<br><strong>2nd</strong>/3307 teams on <em>Quora Question Pairs</em>,<br><strong>2nd</strong>/1323 teams on <em>Caterpillar Tube Pricing</em>,<br><strong>2nd</strong>/2236 teams on <em>Liberty Mutual Group: Property Inspection Prediction</em>,</p>


How to Win a Data Science Competition: Learn from Top Kagglers