Alexey Dral is the Founder and CEO of BigData Team ( He also the Head of Big Data and Machine Learning and the Senior Lecturer at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies. His 10 year working experience for the top Russian and international companies, including Amazon AWS, Yandex, Rambler and qualification on large-scale problems, leading R&D teams, defining strategy for the whole departments build up a great mentor with an aspiration to offer insights to his students. He teaches around the globe, launches new onsite and online courses to reduce the gap between industry and academia, supervise Data Science and Data Engineering initiatives. For instance, he is personally responsible for AI RoadMap at one of the biggest Russian financial institutes. Information about BigData Team. BigData Team provides 3 types of services: online course development, in-campus course development and BigData & Machine Learning research, development and consultations. BigData Team partners are the market leaders. For instance: - Yandex - the biggest Russian search engine company. We collaborate on online course development. See ”Big Data for Data Engineers” Coursera specialization. - BigData Team provide courses and give lectures on Big Data and Machine Learning for top Russian universities (MSU, HSE, MIPT, ...) as well as for corporate clients (Sberbank, Megafon, …). BigData Team courses available on English (Harbour.Space University). BigData Team company is the educational partner of University.2035 (CDO track, Russian Digital Economy program). - BigData Team collaborates on chatbot development with one of the biggest Russian pharmacy companies (private). BigData Team helped to scale blockchain platform (startup, private). BigData Team helped to build AI RoadMap (financial institute, private). Do not hesitate to reach out to