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Post Graduate Certificate in Robotics and Mechatronics

Learn the foundational principles used in emerging and classical areas of mechanics, control, robotics and mechatronics. Limited-time offer: Avail $300/ INR 22,500 off; promotion valid until 28th December.

Enrolments open.

First live class with faculty on 7 January 2023.

6 months

~ 7 hours per week

$1,200 (INR 90,000)

Original Price: $1,500 / INR 1,12,500

100% Online

Live sessions with feedback from faculty & recorded classes.

Gain in-demand robotics and automation skills with IIT Guwahati

Top-ranked Institute of national Importance

Earn your Post Graduate Certificate from one of the leading institutes of India with state-of-the-art research infrastructure and scientific and engineering instruments.

Learn core concepts of kinematics and dynamics of machines and robots

Build skills to analyse, synthesise and control the motion of machines and robots. Watch the faculty webinar to learn more!

Application-based learning

Benefit from live machine demonstrations in relevant courses.

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Description du programme

Learn core concepts of mechatronics, robotics analysis and control, and microcontroller programming.

Compétences requises

A bachelor's degree in any technology or engineering field is required to successfully enrol in and complete this programme. Students in their third year of graduation may also enrol in this programme.

Software requirements:

MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS, Arduino IDE, Windows OS (to-date)

These software versions are verified to work with IITG labs. You can use the latest available (and most stable) versions of the software, if backward and forward compatibility is supported.

Compétences que vous acquerrez

  • Machines
  • Mechanics, Sensing and Control of Robots
  • Mechatronics
  • Classical mechanics

Vue d'ensemble

In this programme, you will learn the fundamental principles of mechatronics and the mechanics, sensing, and control of robots. Mechatronics and robotics systems are crucial for the development of automation and other emerging technologies that are driving the development of innovative industry solutions.

As you advance through the programme, you’ll learn to:

  • Analyse and design mechanisms
  • Represent robots mathematically in equations
  • Perform forward and inverse kinematics of various robotic manipulators, conduct their velocity analysis and statics, and do robot planning
  • Control manipulators and wheeled mobile robots
  • Work with microcontrollers nd design programmable motion control systems

Engineering graduates (Mechanical/CSE/Electrical/Electronics and Communications/Civil) and industry professionals interested in building a career in robotics and mechatronics will find this programme useful.

This programme features 6 courses and 6 projects.

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